Ivermectin story submission: Ms Tania MARIA PECHIR GOMES Manzur PhD

Hello, everyone. I am a university professor in Brazil and my husband is a federal prosecutor. Since March 2020, he, my husband, has been working with the prevention of crises in the penal system, thus constantly visiting prisons and other penal system facilities. He has been in direct contact with covid-19 patients for that long. There was research being done at that time -March/April of 2020, because the total death toll within the penal system in our town was considerably lower than the death rate outside of the system. All prisoners regularly take Ivermectin for prevention of lice, flee and other plagues, so there was ground to research the possibility related to Ivermectin use in the low death toll. Additionally, in April 2020, I became aware of one empirical study of the use of Ivermectin for covid-19, conducted by dr Lucy Kerr in Brazil, and her team of about 500 health professionals (at that time). They all had been treating covid patients and had not been infected. Dr Kerr then described the potential of the Ivermectin molecule to prevent Covid. She even disclosed the dose she was prescribing to her team. With those pieces of information, my husband and I decided we would start taking Ivermectin to prevent covid. Together with it, we use vitamin D, zinc, quercetin, equinacea and other supplements to boost immunity. We have never been infected, even though we have had close contacts with infected people.
We firmly believe in the efficacy of Ivermectin to avoid the multiplication and spread of many viruses. Its off-label antiviral effect has been described and affirmed in many scientific articles (I myself have read at least 10 of them, and I am aware of the existence of many others, at least 60), and I hope it does not take too long for this to be formally labelled. We truly believe Ivermectin to be one of the best medicins for prevention and treatment of Covid. We are also aware of the effective use of Nitazoxanide and Proxalutamide, among other drugs, but the focus here is on the wonders of Ivermectin, which we are empirical evidence of.

IR University Professor
Brasília, DF, BR

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