Ivermectin story submission: Ms Yvonne Jemmeson Artist

This is for all our precious elderly that have been murdered in their beds in aged care facilities around the world, that passed away due to the refusal of our governments, world wide, to allow the use of Ivermectin for treatment that may have saved their lives. If Ivermectin had been available for use they would not have to had to die alone and, I have no doubt, many of them terrified. Ivermectin could have given them a little reprieve to be able to spend some quality time with loved ones before they passed over. Instead they were left in appalling conditions, (I know that to be true in Victoria Australia) in despair and alone. It broke my heart to see this happening in my once beautiful country and state. (Sadly, no more). I could not believe that my fellow Australians were in such fear of a treatable disease that they did not stand up and defend our fellow countrymen and women who had built this country, that they all have taken so much for granted, when the use of Ivermectin could have nipped this whole false pandemic in the bud.

Ms Yvonne Jemmeson Artist
Fine Artist
Rosebud, Victoria, AU

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  1. Yvonne,
    I agree with you totally,
    In order to promote Australian Professor Borody’s Ivermectin Triple Treatment (Ivermectin + doxycycline + zinc), (ITT). Which you may know that when given early, out of Hospital, to a patient when symptoms first appear the hospitalization and death rate is reduced by 85% or more. To add to the effect if close contacts are given a preventative dose the spread of the virus is almost eliminated.
    In order to have this treatment allowed by the Federal Government, I have a Citizengo petition to the Prime Minister, Federal Health Minister and Chief Health Officer asking them to review in vivo results of using Ivermectin Worldwide and to make the treatment available for use (under Doctors supervision) for anyone who wants to use (ITT) as an out of hospital treatment for the COVID-19 Virus. I believe we have a democratic right to choose to use a TDA approved drug treatment (under Doctors supervision) to treat COVID-19.
    The petition can be found here https://citizengo.org/en/203636-every-available-treatment-must-be-used-war-against-covid-19-virus?tcid=89024902
    Please circulate it to all your friends and contacts and ask them to do the same.

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