Ivermectin story submission: Piotr Bialczak

I caught covid on 22.12.2020. I spent 10 days in bed with massive back pain pains, headaches and lost of taste and smell. I learnt about Ivermectin watching Pierre Korry’s senate testimony on 08.12.2020 and tried to get Ivermectin but I didn’t know any place and unfortunately I caught covid before I got Iveremctin. So after covid I experienced massive tiredness and fatigue, even walking was making me gasping for air. I had frequent brain fogs and elevated blood pressure to 150-160 x 95-100 range and smelling odd smells which were not around and I was easily agitated. In the end of March I was referred to NHS Long Covid and had my first phone consultation on 06 June 21. (by then I managed to source Ivermectin but I was still hesitant to take it as I was waiting for Long Covid clinic advice). After talk with lovely physician, she confirmed I have indeed Long Covid however what got me is that there was nothing more she could advise but breathing techniques and inhalers and she sent me for ECG). Still I didn’t try Ivermectin but on 26.06 enough was enough as my blood pressure was almost constantly sitting in the 150s range and number of brain fog incidents increased. As an irony my blood tests results came back and they were ”absolutely perfect” as GP said. So blood tests for 20 yo person, general health close to grave. So on 26.06 I took my first dose of Ivermectin and continued for 5 days straight. I felt much better after two days of treatment. Blood pressure went down to mid 140, no gasping for air on a quicker walk. After 5 days I swapped for weekly dosing and next week (28.07) will be my last dose. In the meantime my Long covid clinician rang me on 06.07 for follow up and I said I feel brilliant and explained that I took Ivermectin and she was very interested in it. She rang me again on 20.07 and I gave her even better results. My ECG was normal, my blood pressure stabilized in the rage 129-131 x 75-83. No more brain fogs, no more gasping for air. I am now running up the stairs instead of crawling. With this news my physician signed me out from the Long Covid. Her 1st patient out of 300. (300 Long Covid patients) just for her alone. She asked her peers about Iveremctin and although some knew about it and that it is incredibly safe they said the ”current wisdom is not use outside of clinical trial”. Save and very cheap drug which Iveremectin is and is not used….. NB I used FLCCC protocol for my Long Covid, I only used Iveremctin and I’m so happy I have my life back .

Piotr Bialczak
Contracts Administrator
Waltham Abbey, Essex, GB

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  1. So glad you are well!!!! And that you took a chance on yourself!!!! I PRAY that doctor will at some point do SOMETHING with the information you provided her!!!!! Where is the science in this? It CANNOT, and we CANNOT allow medicine to be only about money!!!!! When our institutions are following money rather than science, we need transformation. “Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God [higher principles or higher power]” – Benjamin Franklin

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