Ivermectin story submission: Square James

I first knew of Ivermectin’s use in COVID treatment with Dr. Rajter’s ICON study that Ivermectin treatment is associated with lower mortality in hospitalized COVID patients. In June 2020 only Ivermectin horse paste are easy to obtain in farm stores, so that was the version I acquired.

In late September of 2020 I had some ominous symptoms resembling COVID: dizziness, headache, fatigue, chills, dry cough, and muscle pain. I took two doses of Ivermectin horse paste with some additional supplements similar to what flccc.net subsequently published. I got well on day 3, which was surprisingly fast because my earlier experience with serious illness all required at least one week of bed time to recover.

Around October 2020 I heard that Ivermectin could be taken regularly to prevent COVID, so that I and my wife started to take Ivermectin for COVID prevention. My wife had a case of hay fever that she regularly sneezed, but after starting taking Ivermectin regularly her sneezing stopped. I determined that Ivermectin could be used to control hay fevers.

In April 2021 our family took Moderna version of COVID vaccines. Our second jabs occurred in early May. About 4 weeks later I developed chest tightness and severe knee pains. This was a form of Post Vaccine Inflammation Syndrome. I had to use Famotidine and Naproxen to control my pain for up to a month of time.

In May of 2021 my son had some social activity related to his school graduation. I gave him one dose of Ivermectin for COVID prevention. My son also had hay fever, but for 2 weeks after taking that single dose of Ivermectin he did not sneeze.

During this time I noticed whenever I took a dose of Ivermectin my knee pain would be better a few hours later. After reading FLCCC’s I-RECOVER treatment protocol I started a continuous 5 day dosing of Ivermectin. On the fifth day of Ivermectin treatment my knee pain and other inflammation related symptoms went away. Unfortunately symptoms came back upon stopping continuous Ivermectin treatment.

We had experienced no side-effects associated with long term Ivermectin use. I can confirm Ivermectin’s wide treatment dosing range that I have taken Ivermectin up to 5 days straight without problems. I heard from Dr. Haider that Ivermectin could be taken safely daily for even a longer period, although I have not yet done that personally.

In early July I took a 200 mg dose of Hydroxychloroquine to treat my inflammation symptoms. My knee pains stopped after just one hour after taking HCQ. However, I had experienced some HCQ side-effects including tiredness, and temporary immune suppression. I never have to worry about Ivermectin side-effects, but HCQ side-effects need to be carefully considered.

In conclusion I can see very promising Ivermectin applications in the treatment of COVID, hay fever prevention, and treatment of arthritic inflammatory conditions.

Square James
, California, US

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