Ivermectin story submission: Wilhelmina Dekker

I would like to share my experiance with the use of Ivermectin and we did not take a vaccin.
My husband and I got sick like having the flu and tested ourselves and both had Cocid-19.
The first day a fever and muscle pain with a heavy headace.
We started inmediatly using the first doses of ivermectin . My husband took this for 2 days and felt the third day it was not needed anymore. I took it for three days.
Within one week my husband started working again and felt good. For me it took a couple off days longer and also was OK .
Our ages are 64 , my husband and I am 72 years of age.
In our opinion the Ivermectin helped us in a great way because we experianced that people surrounding us and had at least 2 vaccins or more were more sick than we were. We hope the truth will come out that Ivermectin never had to be forbidden as drug to help the big Pharma to sell their vaccins. We are Dutch and could not get Ivermectin so I was in time to get it very early from abroad. I ordered it later again and was taken in by the securitay as being forbidden.
Hope my testimony can help a little.

Wilhelmina Dekker
Haarlem, Noord Holland, NL

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  1. In Australia our Border Force is also seizing ivermectin in customs. Our TGA explicitly stated three ridiculous reasons for banning our doctors from prescribing this drug:
    – it would compete with the vaccines (only someone with a conflict of interest would ban an effective treatment);
    – people would overdose (as if doctors don’t know how to prescribe this!); and
    – the country would run out!
    Dr John Campbell thought that was so weird he did a video on it!
    Good for a laugh at the stupidity of bureaucrats, but it’s deadly serious. Criminal.

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