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If you're a doctor...

Please tell us why you believe Ivermectin needs to be added to your country's authorized treatment protocols for COVID-19 (if it is not already being used), and how it's made a difference in your patients.

If you are a person who believes in the scientific evidence supporting Ivermectin treatment protocols...

Or if you have recovered from COVID-19 using Ivermectin or were unable to access it but feel you should have been able to, please tell us your story. Everyone's is unique, and yours will be no different. How will Ivermectin change your life? Why must the greater public become aware of it? Many countries have not put Ivermectin on their list of authorized treatments and preventatives for COVID-19, so tell us why it must be on your country's list. If you believe that the drug should be authorized for wider use in your country, let us know.


Help us get Ivermectin in everyone's medicines cupboard. Your voice makes a huge difference.

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