Alisa Phoenix

I survived Covid on my own, but I understand that many need a little help, and ivermectin is that help. To educate the world about ivermectin I wrote a song. Lyrics: A Tribute to Ivermectin Chorus: Ivermectin Ivermectin Ivermectin is a wonderful medicine, Ivermectin Isolated from the soil of Japan The avermectin bacterium Dispatched those…

Adrian Perger

Anthem for World Ivermectin Day. (Astro & The Ages) – Vocals, Trumpet, Trombone, Piano. Lyrics: This for those that stood up brave, This for those we know that shouldn’t have… gone. We all know, with a thousand trials, we can’t un-see the positivity. We all took the weight for too long, That is nothing…


Je suis retraité français et je m’informe régulièrement depuis le début de cette “pseudo pandémie”. Je suis écoeuré par les mensonges des politiques et des médias français. Et très inquiet pour mes enfants qui doivent se faire vacciner pour ne pas être virés de leur travail. Quant à la vaccination des jeunes (12 à 18…


This is an NFT collection called DoubleStandards. The first picture depicts a person holding a syringe walking towards a low set bar, and the other one depicts a doctor holding a box of ivermectin walking towards a much higher set bar. This collection will soon be available for sale at

Laurent Goldstein

Hello. My name is Laurent Goldstein. I am a filmmaker based in Vancouver. Canada. Covid is treatable. I support World Ivermectin Day and for the immediate rollout of Ivermectin worldwide for the prevention and treatment of Covid. Thank you.