I am a remedial therapist who has been working for Physio’s on serious injury recovery for over 12 years. Long Haul Covid is particularly interesting me, as are the contraindications that come with the disease. I have been following the science, and the censorship, since day 1. I am frustrated beyond belief at the intensity…

Mr Miguel Angel Bedoya

Hello I’m Miguel Angel and I totally support the use of IVM because I have personally seen the outstanding and positive results in over 30 persons I have treated at work….none had to go to the hospital and were ok in the first 5 days during the replication phase. Among these people there were diabetics….

Dr Nathalie GARCIA

Je suis médecin généraliste français. Lors de notre dernière épidémie en février, mars 21, j ai pu traiter à un stade précoce, avec l’ivermectine, des patients ayant infection sarscov2, symptomatiques. Certains avaient des facteurs de risque de forme grave, et ont eu d’autres aides thérapeutiques associées à l ivermectine. Aucun n a évolué vers une…

Dr. Claudia Correa

I am a doctor, I have been prescribing ivermectin to my patients since 2020 for the prevention and treatment of SARS COV 2, using the FLCCC protocol, obtaining an excellent result. All are being treated at home, with no need for hospitalization. Ivermectin is really a “Splendid Gift from the Earth”(Satoshi Omura).

Dr. Isaac Samuel Middle PhD

Following Ivermectin’s story has taught me a great deal about health. It taught me how many amazing medicines we may have readily at our disposal, that we only don’t know about or don’t know how to use properly. It showed me the healing power of nature, and how versatile it can be in this purpose….

M. Yves Rossary Dr

Bonjour, je suis médecin généraliste. J’ai dérogé très vite aux recommandations françaises qui disaient de ne pas consulter, de ne pas traiter, de prendre du paracétamol et d’attendre d’être essoufflé pour contacter les services d’urgences (10 04 2020 )Je me suis intéressé très tôt, aux possibilité de traiter le Covid par des médicaments repositionnables, et…