This is an NFT collection called DoubleStandards. The first picture depicts a person holding a syringe walking towards a low set bar, and the other one depicts a doctor holding a box of ivermectin walking towards a much higher set bar. This collection will soon be available for sale at opensea.io

Emma Sron

I’m submitting a graphic for sharing and a printable version with a white background.. because they’re great and COVID can be over if we want it. 🙂 It’s also available on a shirt: https://www.bonfire.com/ifyouwant/

Richie Kessler

Awareness about Ivermectin’s efficacy must be seriously elevated. Thank you for your efforts to spread the truth about Ivermectin. I hope that my image can help the FLCCC create greater awareness of the positive affects of Ivermectin. The ‘OH’ in the barcode on the ‘I-Woman’s’ forehead stands for ‘Original Human’… someone who has not has…

Ms Paula Chandler

The of the Statue of Liberty I saw on Facebook after the November elections. It brought tears to my eyes from relief and great hope! The second image is a collaboration. Michael Roman was a cutting edge visionary artist who hailed from the East Village NYC in the mid 80’s. I added the roses and…