Thank you for being part of World Ivermectin Day

What an amazing day – beyond all expectations!

Thank you so much for watching and participating in World Ivermectin Day!

Like us, you probably learned some, raged some or were simply moved to tears with some of the heartfelt testimonies.

It has been a monumental effort to bring today’s broadcast to you but we are immensely proud to have been able to do so. We are forever grateful to the many people around the world who have worked tirelessly to make today possible – from delivering the complex technology to appearing on screen.

Today we have shone a bright light on what an ivermectin future could look like for the world without the health and economic worries of covid.

Ultimately, today has been about saving and repairing lives

Today was not the end – we are just warming up! Today is the start of a massive people-led campaign to convince governments to follow the science and deploy ivermectin.

With your support we will get there. Please continue to push the message!

At you will find all the resources to share and help you do so. Catch up on all of today’s broadcasts plus memes and testimonies that you can use to keep our campaign on track for success.

We will continue to inform you of developments and how you can help.

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  1. South African Government has no cooking clue about the effectiveness of Ivermectin…or they are not interested in saving “Our People”. I am 74 and I have been taking “Ivermax” from the beginning. I’m told this is what our farmers use for their livestock. There is no Pharmacy in our District or even a Dr that stocks or prescribes Ivermectin. I live in Sandbaai in the Western Cape 7200

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