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Ivermectin chemical structure

Square James

I first knew of Ivermectin’s use in COVID treatment with Dr. Rajter’s ICON study that Ivermectin treatment is associated with lower mortality in hospitalized COVID patients. In June 2020 only Ivermectin horse paste are easy to obtain in farm stores, so that was the version I acquired. In late September of 2020 I had some…

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I am a remedial therapist who has been working for Physio’s on serious injury recovery for over 12 years. Long Haul Covid is particularly interesting me, as are the contraindications that come with the disease. I have been following the science, and the censorship, since day 1. I am frustrated beyond belief at the intensity…

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Mr. Loren Bordeaux

After spring break my son, a Junior in high-school, tested positive for COVID-19 (along with all his close friends) thanks to one or more of his friends. Initially he didn’t have any symptoms, then two days after testing positive woke up with a “weird sore throat and slight congestion.” Having heard Dr. P. Kory present…

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I’m a healthy, energetic 58 y/o woman in rural Oregon. My primary medical provider has been a naturopath for about 8 years. Initially I went to her when I was nearing menopause because I wanted a more holistic approach to healthcare and a doctor who would “think out of the box”. Over the years, she…

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Currently on a the IMASK+ protocal for prevention and have the treatment meds just in case.

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Ms Pamela Van Horn

I am 73 years old. To my knowledge I have never had a case of COVID-19. I maintain a healthy weight. I exercise regularly. I am not on meds other than thyroid and supplements. My vitamin-D level is 70 at last testing 6 months ago. I take zinc and quercetin if I plan to in…

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Mr. K D H

If there is a chance that Ivermectin can help, and a huge study previous on side effects, why wouldn’t we try it. I got the first symptoms of C19, ten days ago. Started the ivermectin that day. Went to doctor to get positive test and docs gave me nothing except go home with cough syrup….

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Mr. Paul Fletcher Murray

I’m not anti vaccine. I’m interested in prevention. My wife and I chose Ivermectin and the vitamin regimen recommended on the website. The pandemic needs to be fought with every tool we have. Ivermectin has proven to be not only a preventative against Covid 19 and it’s variants, but is also reduced downstream biological…

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Mrs. Kath Court M.S.

I know 15 close friends who have used IVM successfully for Covid. One with long term, 4 for prevention, 2 whose physicians prescribed it and others who found it on their own. At least 4 of these had very serious symptoms that were getting worse by the hour over 2 to 4 days. They all…

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John Tryba

As a 60 year old male with pre-existing heart and lung issues I was diagnosed with COVID 19 in late February 2021 after receiving 3 positive test results. I contacted a tele-health doctor that was able to prescribe and provide Ivermectin for me. I took the prescribed dose approximately 48 hours after my first COVID…

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