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Rest In Peace Dr. Zelenco

Ali SN
High school Student
Richmond, British Columbia , CA

I have been a faithful follower, supporter and benefactor of both Ivermectin and The FLCCC organization from virtually the beginning of its existence.
As an unvaccinated senior, I came down with the dreaded Covid 1/31/22. Also contracted viral pneumonia. Through it all I self medicated with Ivermectin, along with the great variety of nutritional supplements I learned would be supportive from the FLCCC protocols in order to beat the disease, for One Hundred consecutive days.
I am fully recovered, a picture of Perfect Health and Thank you All for the incredible life saving work you have unselfishly undertaken.

Vincent F.

I am submitting my testimonial regarding the use of Ivermectin plus FLCCC protocol for the prevention of Covid 19.
Returning to Maine after a trip to Mexico, my husband became very sick with an undiagnosed illness. At 80, he had suffered a kind of pneumonia which left him barely able to walk or breathe. Then the pandemic arrived. We made an immediate decision that he would not take the shot, we would look for an alternative. During our search of the web we found the FLCCC site and a list of brave pharmacies and doctors who would help us with a prescription for Ivermectin. We each got prescribed using the telemedicine portal with medical doctor and were given dosage according to our weight. We have taken Ivermectin every 2 weeks since and zinc, vit D, melatonin, quercetin, vit c daily, for the last 12 months with excercise and healthier diet. My husband’s health is improving remarkably. We had mild virus infection 12 months ago before taking Ivermectin and protocol.

My husband and I are very grateful to the Noble prize winning scientists whose carefully applied scientific method was used in the discovery of the molecule leading to Ivermectin and the doctors and health professionals with the intelligence and courage to provide Ivermectin to all sentient beings.

Mrs. Stephanie Campbell
retired paralegal
Bowdoinham, Maine, US

I’m Larissa Patriota Cezar Valassi, a Brazilian MD doctor, and I’m a real fan of this brilliant drug, Ivermectin!! I could treat many people with this and I got great results!! And I’m really proud to take part of this marvelous group!! Congratulations friends!! We are together in this journey!! Thanks a lot.

Mrs. Larissa Patriota Cezar Valassi MD. Doctor
São Paulo , SP, BR

En juillet 2021, j’ai créé une pétition réclamant qu’en Suisse l’ivermectine soit disponible sous forme de comprimés pour se soigner du Covid (traitement précoce). Voilà le lien de cette pétition qui existe en français, allemand et italien:
Merci d’avoir créé cette journée mondiale de l’ivermectine.
Cordialement, Michèle Herzog, Suisse.

In July 2021, I created a petition demanding that in Switzerland ivermectin be available in the form of tablets to treat Covid (early treatment). Here is the link of this petition which exists in French, German and Italian:

Mrs. Michèle Herzog Licenciée HEC
Grandvaux, Vaud, CH

I have made sure to have Ivermectin on hand throughout the C19 crisis. I’ve given it to high-risk family and friends to use as a preventative and to others when they were ill and had nowhere else to turn. Each time I was able to get Ivermectin into the hands of sick people, they reported feeling significantly better the following day, if not the very same day they took the first dose. I am so thankful that I have been able to help multiple people but am still shocked that it took me, just a person, to help them. They were not receiving the help they needed from their doctors and were scared of what might happen to them.

I have also travelled with it within the US and overseas, just in case. I found myself with a positive SARS-CoV-2 test when trying to reach home during a recent trip. Because of the rules in place at the time, this meant I was stuck (alone) in Iceland for a week. Thankfully, I was prepared with vitamins, melatonin, and Ivermectin. I booked a hotel, stocked up on tea and healthy foods, and waited it out until I was able to travel home. My experience with SARS-CoV-2 was pretty simple – just a cold. And thanks to being prepared, it wasn’t scary or challenging to deal with it alone in a foreign country. Everyone needs Ivermectin in their toolbox.

Emma Sron
United States

Just a short message to say how grateful I am for the work you’re doing.

I very rarely take any medicine but had symptoms after the beginning of the vaccination programme when I was exposed to vaccinated people. Thanks to Doctors for Covid ethics and others, I found out that my symptoms of hot sweats and generally feeling unwell after having been exposed to vaccinated people in the classroom were alleviated completely by taking 12mg of ivermectin followed by 12mg two days later. I avoided eating for an hour before taking the tablets and drank plenty of water.

I can never thank you enough.

Miss Dawn Frances Blackamore
Supply teacher
Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, GB

I m 68 years old I have genetic condition heart/lung (Scimitar Syndrome) and all doctors suggested me to get vaccine against Covid 19. I refused. I got Covid this last June. In the hospital they wanted me to start Paxlovid. I refused I sign and went back at home. A “Medicos Por la Verdad” here in Spain took care of me by whatsup and sent me the receipt to buy Ivermectina. I took 6 boxes and no side effects and I feel super!

Mrs. Rita Martini Martini Patient
I got Covid I used Ivermectin
Nàquera , Comunidad Valenciana, ES

I have worked with Ivermectin for almost 40 years, in Large Animal Management, in many forms. I started researching the use of Ivermectin in combination, to treat chronically ill patients in most line indications, with exceptional success, for the past 6 years. Treating Covid home cases was always easy for my team of Covid Angels, of which there are 82 in South Africa, 1 in the UK, 2 in Australia, 1 in Mexico and 2 in the USA. We kept it simple and supportive, and never lost a single home case out of the tens of thousands advised on all continents.
Ivermectin is truly deserving of the term, The Wonder Drug, due to it’s versatility and safety record. Ivermectin is worthy of it’s own celebratory day!

Ms Terry Herholdt
Ivermectin Researcher and Consultant in Zoonotic Infections
Dwaalboom, Limpopo, ZA

Through Mackers, a friend of mine, I was able to access IVM during my first covid infection. Within 48hrs I was feeling so much better. The second time I couldn’t get any. The infection was about 3 times as severe and lasted a good 10 days.
Same body, same disease….one difference!
It’s one of the crimes of this century that pharma profits were put above actually saving lives. Shame on them all.

Oggy Devenney
Kinsealy, Dublin, IE

I had Covid during the last winter and thankfully to the threatment with Ivermectin gave me by Doctor Francesco Matozza (and his continuos supervision) i recovered completely and quickly.

Mr. Alessandro Fasan
Security specialist
Udine, Italy, IT

When I first got Covid (Oct 2020) I had researched all the vitamins and supplements that I could afford and realistically get hold of from the list on World Council’s for Health guide to prevent and treat Covid-19. At the time I had yet to get hold of IVM as doctors refused to acknowledge its benefit and it was not available on NHS. My herbalist prescribed antiviral herbs which had a powerful effect to treat the virus.
The next time around I got what felt like Covid (test negative) (spring 21) was when I had a sore throat that felt metallic, and I realized maybe I had graphene oxide in me that still needed to be cleared. I decided to take IVM for a 5 days plus 1 day a week after that (10 tablets in total) and it totally cleared away my sore throat and any unwanted symptoms. I had no side effects from IVM at all and took it on a night before bed and I did not get ill (viruses) for over a year since then.
Unfortunately I have now in the last couple of weeks experienced ‘shedding’ first hand from someone who was triple vaccinated and I got ill with very upsetting viral symptoms that lasted about 10 days, so I have now had my second long dose of IVM alongside my increased supplements of Zinc, C and D, herbs etc.
Compared to someone who didn’t take IVM and/or amount of healthy supplements to get rid of graphene oxide, I was not bedridden and I worked on most days, I only had to cancel work for 1 day but of course had to pace myself for a week as I wasn’t feeling 100%. Healing is a process, it takes time and there are many factors that play in.
The positive thing was that I gave my friend (the triple vaccinated) IVM tablets so he could take a dose for himself plus extra Vit C and Zinc and he said he had not slept better for days and it cleared away his throat that until then felt like razorblades. I hope he will understand more about the benefits of IVM. Most of my friends I tell about IVM refuse to try it.
Thanks for giving me a chance to share my story!

Ruth Nielsen
Music Teacher
Bradford, England, GB

I became ill with flu symptoms in November 2021 and tested positive for Covid. I had been quite dismissive of Covid before getting it – I must admit – but I was quite ill for the first week, suffering from very strong headaches. Then my partner got it and he developped a bad cough. We were taking Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc etc… but it is when we started taking Ivermectin that we noticed a rapid improvement and recovery. We had both heard of Ivermectin (from watching an interview of Tess Lawrie). Thankfully, our doctor was happy to prescribe it to us. No side effects whatsoever! It is heartbreaking to think of all the people who have died needlessly because this simple effective medication was kept from them…

Mrs Catherine Durin
, Brabant, BE

I had the vaccine and two days later got this terrible rash which lasted 3 months. All I can say is I wish I had gone with my intuition and never had the vaccination. I got covid and immediately took Ivermectin so did my husband we had few symptoms and recovered in a few days.

Mrs Alison Lauwrens
Cape Town, Western Cape, ZA

My parents and grandparents age of 60 and 80 years old took ivermectine since 2020 and didn’t get Covid. They live in Brazil.

Mrs Olivia Micheli
, São Paulo, BR

I’m a 60 year old roofing contractor and have been taking Ivermectin for 9 days now and started feeling much better, less coughing and no more headache after Day 3 of testing positive for the “Rona” = China-Virus.

Andy Jennings
Owner, roofing company
Folsom, CA, US

I declined the vaccine but paid attention to alternatives such as Dr. Zelenko, FLCCC and other DRs that suggested natural supplements. I took all the supplements in Dr Zelenko’s formula but separately. In June 2022 I didn’t feel well, had a cough, fatigue, body aches and a headache. I attributed it to excessive yardwork and possible allergies from high pollen. I don’t have allergies and NEVER get headaches so I questioned and decided to take IVM ‘just in case’. I had Ivermectin pills on hand from a doctor on the FLCCC list. I took one dose in line with my weight. I felt completely better the following day. No body aches, no headache, no fatigue. So I went about my day. Due to a slight cough and urging from a very fearful vaccinated husband I took a COVID test. It came up positive. I was somewhat surprised as I felt so much better, only symptom was a lingering cough. So I continued with the dose for 10 days. And isolated for 10 days. I am SO grateful to FLCCC, DR Zelenko and all the people who followed and spoke the truth. They restored my faith in humanity and inspire me to live in the truth.

Mrs Joni O'Brien
Semi Retired Addictions Therapist
East Wakefield NH 03830, NH, US

I believe ivermectin saved my 75 year old mom’s life. She fell ill in the midst of another super wave of covid 19. The doctors did not come, she was alone with a high fever and a strong cough. I managed to get to her only for 3 days. She was very weak and delirious. I was able to buy only veterinary ivermectin for injection. After 3 days of taking ivermectin, the temperature dropped significantly, the saturation level increased, and she began to recognize me and the surroundings. She took ivermectin for 10 days. The disease ended in full recovery without complications. 6 months have passed since the treatment. I, my husband and son (19 years old) have been taking ivermectin tablets since the first day of the disease. Covid lasted a week with us in a mild form and ended with a complete recovery!

Mrs Ekaterina Burchuladzd
Art techer
Sherman Oaks, CA, US

I have been following the FLCCC pre-exposure protocol since at least last summer. I can’t afford Ivermectin for humans, so use the adjusted dosage of Ivermectin for horses mixed with ice cream, which due to it’s demand, went from affordable to almost too expensive over the year. And, murderous, communist California makes it hard to get even the horse paste Ivermectin, now, stating it requires a prescription. I haven’t been heavily exposed, but I feel I have been heavily protected!
Stay healthy,

Ms. Kit K
Retired Teacher
Laguna Woods, CA, US

I am submitting a summary list of 20 levels of action which ivermectin has demonstrated in medical cell biology studies, when used for treatment of infection with the novel coronavirus SARS-Cov-2. Please find them below:
Table 2
A list of studies demonstrating the role of Ivermectin (IVM) on SARS-CoV-2
Level 1: Action on SARS-CoV-2 cell entry
IVM docks in the region of leucine 91 of the spike protein and histidine 378 of the ACE2 receptor
Leher et al.
IVM has the highest binding affinity to the predicted active site of the S glycoprotein; Considerable binding affinity to the predicted active site of the SARS-CoV-2 RdRp protein; Highest binding affinity to the predicted active site of nsp14; highest binding affinity to the active site of the TMPRSS2 protein
Eweas et al.
IVM utilizes viral spike protein, main protease, replicase, and human TMPRSS2 receptors as the most possible targets for executing its antiviral efficiency by disrupting binding
Choudhury et al.
Level 2: Action on Importin (IMP) superfamily
in presence of a viral infection, IVM targets the IMPα component of the IMP α/β1 heterodimer and binds to it, preventing interaction with IMP β1, subsequently blocking the nuclear transport of viral proteins.
Yang, S.N.Y et al.
Level 3: Action as an Ionophore
Two ivermectin molecules, reacting with each other in a “head-tail” mode, can create a complex suitable to be considered as ionophore. These ionophores allow neutralizing the virus at an early stage of the infection before it can adhere to the host cells and enter it.
Rizzo E et al.
Level 4: Action as an antiviral
IVM has antiviral properties against other viruses including the RNA viruses such as Zika Virus (ZKV), Dengue virus, yellow fever virus (YFV), and West Nile virus (WNV), Hendra virus (HEV), Newcastle virus, Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus (VEEV), Chikungunya virus (CHIKV), Semliki Forest virus (SFV), and Sindbis virus (SINV), Avian influenza A virus, Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome virus (PRRSV), Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 as well as DNA viruses such as Equine herpesvirus type 1 (EHV-1) and Pseudorabies virus (PRV).
Heidary, F et al.
Level 5: Action on viral replication and assembly
In Vero/hSLAM cells infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus when “exposed” to 5 µM IVM showed a 5000-fold reduction in viral RNA at 48 h when compared to the control group
Caly L et al.
utilizing modeling approach, predicted lung accumulation of Ivermectin over 10 times higher than EC 50
Arshad et al
best binding interaction between IVM and RNA-dependent RNA polymerase (RdRp)
Swargiary et al.*
highly efficient binding of IVM to nsp14
Ma et al.
highly efficient binding of IVM to the viral N phosphoprotein and M protein
Eweas et al.
Level 6: Action on post-translational processing of viral polyproteins
IVM binds to both proteins, Mpro, and to a lesser extent to PLpro of SARS-CoV-2
Eweas et al.
Level 7: Action on Karyopherin (KPNA/KPNB) receptors
IVM inhibits the KPNA/KPNB1- mediated nuclear import of viral proteins
Caly L et al.
Level 8: Action on Interferon (INF) levels
IVM promotes the expression of several IFN-related genes, such as IFIT1, IFIT2, IF144, ISG20, IRF9, and OASL
Seth C
Level 9: Action on Toll- like-Receptors (TLRs)
IVM blocks activation of NF-kappa B pathway and inhibition of toll-like receptor 4 (TLR4) signaling
Zhang X et al.
Level 10: Action on Nuclear Factor-κB (NF-κB) pathway
IVM at its very low dose, which did not induce cytotoxicity, drastically reversed the resistance of tumor cells to the chemotherapeutic drugs both in vitro and in vivo by inhibition of the transcriptional factor NF-κB.
Jiang L et al.
IVM inhibits lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-induced production of inflammatory cytokines by blocking the NF-κB pathway and improving LPS-induced survival in mice.
Zhang X et al.
Level 11: Action on the JAK-STAT pathway, PAI-1 and COVID-19 sequalae
IVM inhibits STAT-3, SARS-CoV-2-mediated inhibition of IFN and STAT 1, with the subsequent shift to a STAT 3- dominant signaling network that could result in almost all of the clinical features of COVID-19; STAT-3 acts as a “central hub” that mediates the detrimental COVID-19 cascade
Matsuyama, T.,
STAT-3 induces a C-reactive protein that upregulates PAI-1 levels. Ivermectin inhibits STAT-3.
Matsuyama, T.,
The PD-L1 receptors present on the endothelial cells are activated by STAT-3 causing T cell lymphopenia. IVM inhibits STAT-3 through direct inhibition
Matsuyama, T.,
Level 12: Action on P21 activated Kinase 1 (PAK-1)
IVM suppresses the Akt/mTOR signaling and promotes ubiquitin-mediated degradation of PAK-1 hence compromising STAT-3 activity and decreasing IL-6 production.
Dou Q et al.
Level 13: Action on Interleukin-6 (IL-6) levels
IVM suppressed IL-6 and TNFα production
Zhang X et al.
IVM “dramatically reduced” IL-6/IL-10 ratio modulating infection outcomes.
G D de Melo et al. *
Level 14: Action on allosteric modulation of P2X4 receptor
Positive allosteric modulation of P2X4 by IVM enhances ATP-mediated secretion of CXCL5
Layhadi JA et al.
Level 15: Action on high mobility group box 1 (HMGB1)
Ivermectin inhibits HMGB1
Juarez M et al.
Level 16: Action as an immunomodulator on Lung tissue and olfaction
No olfactory deficit was observed in IVM-treated females; IVM dramatically reduced the IL-6/IL-10 ratio in lung
G D de Melo et al. *
Level 17: Action as an anti-inflammatory
anti-inflammatory action of IVM was explained as inhibition of cytokine production by lipopolysaccharide challenged macrophages, blockade of activation of NF-kB, and the stress-activated MAP kinases JNK and p38, and inhibition of TLR4 signaling.
Zhang X et al.,
Ci X et al.,
Yan S et al.
[42, 62, 63]
Immune cell recruitment, cytokine production in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid, IgE, and IgG1 secretion in serum as well as hyper-secretion of mucus by goblet cells was reduced significantly by IVM
Yan S et al.
Level 18: Action on Plasmin and Annexin A2
Annexin acts as a co-receptor for the conversion of plasminogen to plasmin in the presence of t-PA. increased levels of plasmin leads to direct activation of STAT-3.
Kamber Zaidi et al.
IVM directly inhibits STAT-3 and could play a role in the inhibition of COVID-19 complications.
Matsuyama et al.
Level 19: Action on CD147 on the RBC
The SARS-CoV-2 does not internalize into the red blood cells but such attachments can lead to clumping.
IVM binds to the S protein of the SARS-CoV-2 virus making it unavailable to bind with CD147.
David E.Scheim et al.
Level 20: Action on mitochondrial ATP under hypoxia on cardiac function
IVM increased mitochondrial ATP production by inducing Cox6a2 expression and maintains mitochondrial ATP under hypoxic conditions. This prevents pathological hypertrophy and improves cardiac function.
Nagai H et al.

*available as preprint; Clinical trials of IVM on COVID-19 available on[7]; Ivermectin for COVID-19: real-time meta-analysis available on [8]

The mechanisms of action of Ivermectin against SARS-CoV-2: An evidence-b…
Considering the urgency of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, detection of various new mutant strains and future pot…

Dr. Laurence Waln Behney
Martinsville, IN, US

My first C-19 experience was in mid-2022, when my housemate tested positive. Since I had been taking Vitamins C & D, Zinc, Quercetin, Iodine, and Selenium regularly, I decided to monitor my symptoms. My O2 saturation got low and I had a fever, so I started taking a 5-day course of IVM & HCQ, along with iodine gargles and neti. My symptoms did not progress at all beyond that.

I am SO GRATEFUL to the compassionate and knowledgeable physicians in the USA at My Free Doctor for prescribing IVM & HCQ a year before I had any symptoms (especially since my primary care physician had denied my request for prescriptions). Having these medicines on hand allowed me to treat without delay and have a very easy go of it.

It is my great wish that these life-saving medications be made available to all who wish to have them and that humanity reject unsafe injections that neither prevent viral transmission nor offer herd immunity.

Amara Weston
Prescott, Arizona, US

A kind, compassionate, real doctor saved my life with Ivermectin. When I became extremely ill with COVID I refused to go to the hospital because I knew I would never come home again. If I were to die I will die on my terms. November 2020, I was given HCQ AND Ivermectin (along with all the other items on the protocol) recommended by Dr. Zelenko (may this dear man rest in peace). It was a long battle but I pulled through and I believe it was early treatment that saved me and could have saved millions of others.

Karen Bracken

The story of the use and advocacy of ivermectin and the suspension of my license.

I have been reinstated in my practice. WE are presently pursuing a claim for unfair suspension and loss of custom

Importation of ivermectin has been prevented for both Saint Lucia and UK

Dr Mary Gilberta St Rose
Integrative health practitioner
Gros Islet, LC 401, LC

I was extremely ill with excessive fever and excessive fatigue and was seriously beginning to think I would not get through this. My mother thought I was going to die (she told me this later). On the 14th day I was sent some ivermectin and told many people felt incredibly better the next day or second day having taken it.

It was a miracle. I felt a million times better just the next day.
I loaded the washing machine thinking that’ll be all I can do but put in dryer etc and then put away. I opened the growing pile of post. I tidied up the wrecked kitchen due to lack of energy to tidy. All this and the day before I could only walk half a dozen steps and then would lie back exhausted, still sleeping most of the day and night and going to bed at 7.0pm. I duly expected to feel knocked out the next day having I thought overdone it (and not that I would have minded) but this miracle continued.

I cannot exaggerate enough the difference having taken it. The only word to describe it was simply a miracle. World please listen! May I add that on many occasions since I have desperately wondered had those people taken to hospital (as well as those like myself at home) been given just one dose of ivermectin I cannot NOT believe so many more would be alive now. The difference was uncanny – ivermectin seemed to go straight to the heart of the problem and knocked it flat like a boxer giving a knock-out blow to opponent.
((In 3 months time I was pleased to confirm that long covid was not an option as at this point I could fully resume my regular 3 x a week walks etc without any shortness of breath (or indeed any other symptons).))

Ms dawn toint
property manager
Hassocks, West Sussex, GB

On 8/26/21 I received my 2nd Pfizer vaccine & immediately started to have an adverse reaction that has lasted for 10+ months since. It started with excruciating pain in my extremities but Morphed into severe neurological issues that lasted from late October to Mid March. Dizziness, vertigo, nausea and vomiting, brain fog, trouble thinking or taking, blurry vision, sensitivity to light and sound and terrible memory loss. I also could barely stand up for more than a few minutes without my heart pounding and my heart rate skyrocketing so I was bedridden for the entire time and I am a single mom of a beautiful 5 year old. The vaccine also awakened my dormant Mono virus which I heartbreakingly gave to my daughter in March. Thankfully I had found the FLCCC post vaccine guidelines and I found MyFreeDoctor who prescribed me 20 days of Ivermectin in late February. By Mid March, just as my daughter got so sick, almost all my neurological issues had resolved and disappeared! Unfortunately I wasn’t on it long enough so after a month my symptoms were returning and my blood pressure was low 80/50 so I finally got up the nerve to ask my doctor for a full 6 weeks of ivermectin while I got my dysautonomia and small fiber neuropathy diagnosis confirmed. I’m happy to say I’m 3 weeks into my new Ivermectin script and I’m slowly feeling better every day now and it’s helping me get my life back! I wish it hadn’t taken so long to get it and to find a local doctor who was willing to follow the FLCCC guidelines but I’m so grateful to finally be on the road to hopefully regaining my life again!

Ms Alia Renee Capodici
Doylestown, PA, US

I just would like to first thank Frontline American doctors.. if it wasn’t for them I would’ve died.. I Ivermectin not just help save me from Covid, but it probably helped remove the brain lesions of my brain ! I have two brain lesions and heavy Metals in my brain ..I don’t get half as many migraines no more because of it..
And as I will be getting more ivermectin because it cures a lot more than just that !! So the doctors-in America arekeeping this from us and our own government too, its called genocide! I went to the emergency room just to get an intervenous for the Covid19 and one hospital wouldn’t treat me why? , because I took ivermectin that’s called brainwashed! Evil..!! I can’t believe that this even happened in America meanwhile in Mexico , and an India they were handing it out.. it goes to show you that communism is in America!! All I have to say is ivermectin is a miracle and I think God for every day!! Amen .. Free ivermectin to the people..

Mrs Josephine L Robbins
Palm Coast, FL, US

Surrounded by a family suffering with Covid in early 2022 I started feeling the symptoms coming on but simply boosted my Vitamin C and D and Zinc assuming that would be enough to fight off the bug. Three days in and as the headaches, brain fog and aches took hold I realised it wasn’t and reached for Ivermectin. Five days on 24mg/day put paid to any issues. Even after 24 hours I felt an improvement and three days in I was feeling fine but knew to stick out the last two days. The intentional suppression this maligned yet phenomenal, Nobel Prize-winning medicine for early treatment will be widely known and recorded as just one of a collection of medical scandals of our time.

Mrs Polly Tuckwell

Hello readers,
My name is Kimberly I am 47 and I am a COVID survivor. I took doctor-prescribed Ivermectin, Hydroxycloriquine, and Z-Pack. My husband and his 82-year-old mother also took these and we all made it through COVID. Might I add my Mother in Law was also fully vaccinated with Pfizer and still got COVID. On another Ivermectin note, my Mother in Law said her knee that was hurting so bad before COVID was hardly hurting anymore. Let me know if you need anything or if there is anything you want me to add to this happy ending story.

Mrs. Kimberly J Molder
Waxahachie, TX, US

My husband and I both 80+ have been taking the one-a-week Ivermectin tablet for one year now as part of the prophalactic protocol including daily zinc and 5000 IU Vitamin D. No side effects at all. We eventually got Covid and changed to the 3 a day etc regimen. Extremely mild Covid lasting only 3-4 days’
WE had two doses of vaccine when it was first available and we knew no better. No more vaccine for us even if it means we cant travel.

Mrs Elaine Grierson
Sydney, NSW, AU

I would like to share my experiance with the use of Ivermectin and we did not take a vaccin.
My husband and I got sick like having the flu and tested ourselves and both had Cocid-19.
The first day a fever and muscle pain with a heavy headace.
We started inmediatly using the first doses of ivermectin . My husband took this for 2 days and felt the third day it was not needed anymore. I took it for three days.
Within one week my husband started working again and felt good. For me it took a couple off days longer and also was OK .
Our ages are 64 , my husband and I am 72 years of age.
In our opinion the Ivermectin helped us in a great way because we experianced that people surrounding us and had at least 2 vaccins or more were more sick than we were. We hope the truth will come out that Ivermectin never had to be forbidden as drug to help the big Pharma to sell their vaccins. We are Dutch and could not get Ivermectin so I was in time to get it very early from abroad. I ordered it later again and was taken in by the securitay as being forbidden.
Hope my testimony can help a little.

Wilhelmina Dekker
Haarlem, Noord Holland, NL

My husband and I both contracted Covid. I had access to Ivermectin because I had travelled but he did not. I had a mild case as I had been taking Ivermectin as a preventative. He was sicker than I was and sat in his chair for about three days. He ate very little and on the 4th day, I put my remaining Ivermectin tablets on the table and told him to take them if he wanted to. He took 2 4mg tablets at about 9 a.m. and by 11 a.m., he was sitting at his computer checking his email and we never looked back.

Mrs Margaret McGregor
Retired College Mathematics Instructor
Marysville, MI, US

Now it is one year that I and my husband have taken 12 mg once a week plus Vitamin D 5000IU and Zinc 50mg
Had a low impact 3 day dose of covid when we took 2-3 tablets per day. No dramas. Minimal illness. Just achy and shivery for 2-3 days then tired for a few more. Have had worse flu. We are both on the wrong side of 80.

Mrs Eral Vaughan
Sydney, NSW, AU

I am a nurse and my husband came down with symptoms of Covid19 in February 2020. He was 66 years old. People were being sent home from emergency rooms, so I monitored him at home. He started taking the Hydroxychloraquin after the first day. His vital signs continued to worsen until his O2 was below 90 and heart rate over 100 by day 3. He was in so much pain we had to bring him to the emergency room for oxygen at midnight. He tested negative for Covid19 and the other tests showed he had micro-clots in his lungs. They put him on blood thinners right away. His vital signs were still bad and nothing really changed overnight, so I secretly gave him a dose of Ivermectin at noon. Within 12hrs he was stable and able to breath without a nasal cannula. A year later our son-in-law came down with the same symptoms and he waited 4 days to let his body fight off the infection. He was 36 years old. His O2 dropped below 90 and heart rate over 100 with extensive pain from breathing, same as my husband’s. He took a single dose of Ivermectin and within six hours he started to recover. Our daughter was sick at the same time, but pregnant and didn’t want to take anything. She steadily got worse each day and when she saw how fast her husband improved, she took the Ivermectin too. Her recovery was also within six hours.
Many people want to take Ivermectin daily to prevent C19, but why waste it? Since recovery is within several hours… save the medicine until you really need it!

Mrs. Teresa Mayer
Regestered Nurse
Asheboro, NC, US

I got Covid19 on April 1st 2022 (Confirmrd by PCR test) and started directly with the early treatment protocol using ivermectin as recommended by Bird group. I felt very tired in 1 week but no fever, no sore throat, no headache or other symptoms. I am 60 years old unvaccinated women.
I purchaded ivermectin without any prescription in Egypt, to have it just in case…

Mrs Ewa Pol PhD
Uppsala, Uppland, SE

Since Tom Barrody went public from Melbourne that Ivermectin worked for the Virus I willingly got sucked in… At the expense of many friends & family distancing themselves from me once they chose the Vaccine route. (But in at least 8 cases before they had access to the Vaccine, managed to save them from certain death once they were found positive) To add to my “mix” I have been jailed by Face Book 7 times including 3 30 day stints & consider every one a badge of honour!
Would I do it again you may ask – Unquestionably Yes! Yes!! YES!!!

Mr. Neville Ross Sealy Ivermectin Angel
Sole Proprietor (Retired)
Pretoria, Gauteng, ZA

Hello, I’m a 71 year old woman who decided not to get the Covid vaccine. I’m not against vaccination but couldn’t find enough information that convinced me of both it’s safety & efficacy.
I got Covid in February 2022 from my grandson. I had already managed to purchase Ivermectin via my network of complementary therapists. I looked up guidance on the Bird website and decided to administer myself. I took 2 tablets for 5 days. I had symptoms of severe headache, aches & pains but never had a cough or respiratory problems. I recovered in 2 weeks and took another 2 weeks to feel completely OK. My husband got Covid at the same time worse than me. He experienced a bad cough and respiratory problems He had been vaccinated. He didn’t take Ivermectin.
I can’t prove it but I feel that Ivermectin may have reduced my symptoms and aided my recovery.
With kind regards
Gillian Lenane

Mrs Gillian Lenane M.Sc.
Meditation Teacher
Epsom, Surrey, GB

In November of 2021 my mother contracted Covid. She is a senior and it was pretty bad. She had difficulty breathing and eventually it became pneumonia. She was in the hospital in bad shape. As her son I had to make some difficult decisions for her. I am a researcher and I know what is really going on with this disease. My mother is not vaccinated against Covid and I think that helped her. She listened to me to not get the poison shot.
While talking to her doctor in the hospital he said she should be intubated and recommended Remdesivir. I told him absolutely not. I said I want her on oxygen, antibiotics and I want her to receive ivermectin. He refused. I made my mother sign a DNI. I had her refuse the drugs they wanted to give her. I said that drug remdesivir causes kidney failure and my mother has an issue with her kidneys. The doctor debated with me and said no it doesn’t. It works blah blah. I stood my ground and refused. The doctor reported me to the hospital. So I had to take action my way.
Her condition was worsening every hour and we were extremely worried. I was able to get my hands on ivermectin and was able to sneak it into the hospital. I called her and directed her on how to take it. By her 3rd dose she was 50% better. By the end of the dosage by day 5 she was able to leave the hospital! Ivermectin saved her life!
This is sad that in this day and age we have to be our own doctors because the higher ups of the medical establishment do not have our best interest in mind.
Ivermectin saves lives and has been around for decades treating billions of people worldwide during that time. It is a wonder drug and some say it can cure certain cancers.
That is my story!

Charles Link
, New york, US

I researched Ivermectin and followed the FLCCC. I found a telehealth doctor that would prescribe in August of 2021. I Received Ivermectin as well as Hydroxychloroquine. I did not use it as a preventative but kept these prescriptions on hand just in case. I also gathered the supplements that the FLCCC recommended. As a family, we were very conscious of keeping our diet clean (some desserts here or there) and getting outside and exercising. In the middle of October of 2021, the school I work at and our son attended had several people leaving because of Covid. Some were vaccinated, and some weren’t. And my entire family chose not to be immunized as we are all healthy.
I sometimes fill in for teachers at the school if they call out. I filled in at the school on a Tuesday because a teacher called out sick, and by that Thursday, my son and I were having some symptoms, a tickle in the throat. We got the news on that same day that the teacher I filled in for had Covid. My husband got tested on Saturday. He came back negative, and I got tested on Monday with a positive. When I asked for Ivermectin, the urgent care doctor prescribed it for me. He told me he would not enter my Covid diagnosis into the system for 30 minutes, take the prescription to a particular pharmacy, and be nice to the pharmacist. When I asked him what he meant, he said that most pharmacies are not filling this prescription, and this particular one he was having some luck with. He told me not to tell them what it was for, that this was prescribed treatment, and that I wanted to keep everything private. When I went to the pharmacy suggested, the pharmacist said they were out and did not expect a shipment for weeks. Luckily I had my stockpile and started Ivermectin and the FLCCC protocol immediately. My son got tested, and his test came back positive. My husband got tested again, and it was negative, and my daughter got tested, and it was negative. They were not showing any symptoms. By Wednesday, I was feeling better, and my son did not have severe symptoms, so he followed the supplements and had Mucinex and his allergy medicine. My husband and daughter felt sick on Wednesday and got tested, and it was positive. My daughter followed the supplement plan and started to feel better after eight days. My son felt better after five days though he lost his smell and taste for a while.
My husband, after much cajoling, started the supplements and, after five days, took my hydroxychloroquine and then started feeling better after ten days total.
The issue is the lack of trust between our doctors and the entire medical establishment. When I spoke with our primary care physicians at the beginning of July 2021 with concerns about the covid immunizations, I was told just to get the shots. I was dismissed completely when I provided a meta-analysis on Ivermectin and the FLCCC protocol. I did not feel I was given any information supporting getting the shots. I was told again and again they are safe and effective. In fact, the doctor provided the CDC information, which I found to be lacking in data to prove safety and effectiveness. When I had questions, I received no answers. What happened to your physician assisting you with risk/benefit for drugs, surgery, etc.? The urgent care physician had more information than my primary care physician.
After we recovered, my husband made his telehealth appointment and has his Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine medicine on hand, just in case. I have respect for how serious Covid can be. We lost a dear friend on November 1st. He did not get vaccinated because he did not trust the safety, and he did not trust the doctor he went to when he was sick when they offered him monoclonal antibodies. Unfortunately, he did not have a plan in place.

Ms. Nancy Giordano
Office Assistant
Pueblo, Colorado, US

I am an Adult-Geriatric NP and use ivermectin as part of FLCCC or AAPS protocols, adjusted individually for patient-specific needs, to treat covid and have since early 2021. It is quite effective, even treating people in their 80-90s with heart conditions and keeping them out of the hospital and alive. Ivermectin for the WIN!

Deanna Kline AGNP-C, MSN, RN
Adult-Geriatric Primary Care Nurse Practitioner
Chesapeake, VA, US

As a 60 year old male with pre-existing heart and lung issues I was diagnosed with COVID 19 in late February 2021 after receiving 3 positive test results. I contacted a tele-health doctor that was able to prescribe and provide Ivermectin for me. I took the prescribed dose approximately 48 hours after my first COVID symptoms developed and was 98% better within 12 hours of the first dose. The only remaining symptom that I experienced after taking Ivermectin was a moderate case of lethargy that persisted for about 2 weeks. I am now 100% recovered from COVID with no lasting damage or symptoms.

John Tryba
Director of Construction Management Services
Golden, Colorado, US

I am 73 years old. To my knowledge I have never had a case of COVID-19. I maintain a healthy weight. I exercise regularly. I am not on meds other than thyroid and supplements. My vitamin-D level is 70 at last testing 6 months ago. I take zinc and quercetin if I plan to in a group setting for a while.

I started taking ivermectin 12 mg (per my weight) about 7 months ago. I have no idea if I have been exposed and the ivermectin and my awareness of my ‘terrain’ have kept me safe or if I have never been exposed.

I am coming under more and more pressure to get the vaccines. It is getting difficult to explain.

Ms Pamela Van Horn
Englewood, FL, US

I Support World Ivermectin Day.
Having followed the work of Dr. Tess Lawrie over the course of the
pandemic, I am confident that she and others have essentially, found
the way to end the medical emergency we find ourselves in and get back
to normal – Without the need for any untested experimental injections.

Niall McEvoy
Former Irish International Ice hockey player

If there is a chance that Ivermectin can help, and a huge study previous on side effects, why wouldn’t we try it.

I got the first symptoms of C19, ten days ago. Started the ivermectin that day. Went to doctor to get positive test and docs gave me nothing except go home with cough syrup.

It has been a long drawn out process with lots of aches but I have to say, I feel that the Ivermectin offset the worst of things and I am on road to recovery.

Mr. K D H
Paris, Ky, US

I’m not anti vaccine. I’m interested in prevention. My wife and I chose Ivermectin and the vitamin regimen recommended on the website. The pandemic needs to be fought with every tool we have. Ivermectin has proven to be not only a preventative against Covid 19 and it’s variants, but is also reduced downstream biological damage if you DO get Covid 19. There is MASSIVE suppression of Ivermectin’s success, coordinated by Big Tech and Big Media and our political representatives and the people they appoint to watch over the health of our planet. To not implement Ivermectin in third world countries immediately is the crime of the century. They can’t afford the vaccines and Ivermectin is inexpensive, safe and effective. To be silent about Ivermectin’s efficacy and watch thousands die is a crime. Silence is death. Silence about Ivermectin is death for thousands who are getting the vaccines. This is criminal. There is no excuse to not let them have Ivermectin when they can’t get the vaccines because they can’t afford them or because the “powers that be” have decided to block Ivermectin’s use. And for those who can get vaccinated, Ivermectin can protect against variants that are now mutating. If we don’t start NOW, Ivermectin and its variants will become a part of our lives. The inaction of health officials is insuring the mutations of CoVid, and threatening their own health as well as our own. Push back and get Ivermectin in distribution. Thousands of lives can be saved. Push. Demand. Push. Demand. Push. Push. Push.

Mr. Paul Fletcher Murray
Film Producer
Bandon, OR, US

I know 15 close friends who have used IVM successfully for Covid. One with long term, 4 for prevention, 2 whose physicians prescribed it and others who found it on their own. At least 4 of these had very serious symptoms that were getting worse by the hour over 2 to 4 days. They all said they felt significantly better in a few hours after the first dose, and most were well after the second or third dose in 5 to 7 days. I have also known of several people who feel this drug cured their cancer when doctors had nothing to offer. What a crying shame this drug is being suppressed, attacked without any scientific evidence, and ignore by most medical doctors Two covid ladies were dying on ventilators in New York and their families took the hospitals to court to force them to try IVM. Both ladies survived even though families had been told their chances of getting off ventilators were less than 25%. Always follow the money for answers. Our regulators get inflated pay from Big Pharma when they leave government service, and the USA allowed doctors to gain patents on Covid related items even though working for the government. Many of those who are supposed to protect us are getting richer as the Pandemic worsens….look it up on duckduckgo dot com, which is not censored like a certain site that most use……

Mrs. Kath Court M.S.
Retired educator
Menlo, GA, US

Government propaganda coming back at them.

Mr Paul Dickinson
World Citizen
Hull, Yorkshire, GB

Two paintings, by children about the world ivermectin day.

Mr. Mahdi Saheb
A dad who is professionally a business analyst
Vancouver, BC, CA

I am a remedial therapist who has been working for Physio’s on serious injury recovery for over 12 years. Long Haul Covid is particularly interesting me, as are the contraindications that come with the disease. I have been following the science, and the censorship, since day 1. I am frustrated beyond belief at the intensity of censorship & smear campaigns that surround Ivernmectin. For a long time I could not understand why such intensity! And then one day I heard Doctor Kory’s dream…

“Imagine if Ivernmectin was a household product that people can use to prevent disease!”

It was then, that I realized then, why. It would empower people to make their own choices and take responsibility for their own health. It seems that Governments and Corporations do not want independent people.

In Australia, we have had very small waves of covid and have managed to keep the virus numbers low. However, numbers are starting to climb, it is heartbreaking to see that people are ending up in hospital and dying. What infuriates me, is that the protocol, if you test positive, is to self isolate and only call the doctor IF symptoms get bad! You would think recommending calling a Doctor to reduce risk of increasing symptoms would be the first point of call! Sadly, it is not. This is insanity.

I believe in the FLCCC. Thank you Trial Site News, Thank You Bird. Thank you all for giving me hope.

Remedial Therapist : Serious Injury Recovery
Bentleigh East, VIC, AU

After spring break my son, a Junior in high-school, tested positive for COVID-19 (along with all his close friends) thanks to one or more of his friends. Initially he didn’t have any symptoms, then two days after testing positive woke up with a “weird sore throat and slight congestion.”

Having heard Dr. P. Kory present to US Senate sub-committee in December 2020 and doing research on Ivermectin, I (56) contacted and was prescribed a prophylactic dose of Ivermectin and my son a five day prescription. My wife (50) was able to get a dose a day after she started having same weird, slight sore throat and headache.

We all had very similar symptomology:

Started with weird, slight sore throat and slight sinus/nasal congestion. Progressed to include tight feeling trachea and lump feeling at top of trachea/deep back of throat, entire neck ached about days 2-4, slight temperature day 2 or 3 of beginning of symptoms (me 99 – 99.8F, son one day of 100.4F, my wife similar low grade but don’t recall her numbers). We all watched our O2 levels about every two woken hours for several days, my O2 went from 99/98 to 93/94, my wife’s and son’s went down but only to about 95.

I had started on a prophylactic dosing but transitioned to taking the remaining doses daily once I had symptoms. After 24 hrs of my son taking Ivermectin his temperature went back to almost normal and by the end of second day temp was normal, similar experience for my wife and I. We all walked 2-3+ miles each day, drank lots of water, took Aspirin, vitamin A, C, D and Zinc daily, tried to get good rest. Thankfully, for each of us the experience was nearly identical at first.

We all had about two nights of rather sleepless nights about days 3-4. I’d wake up every 2.5 hours and take a good 30 minutes to get back to sleep – very a-typical. My son slept much of one day, my wife and I felt low in energy for a couple days.

Unfortunately, about a 7-10 days after fully feeling back to normal the tight trachea feeling came back (but no lump feeling in back of throat or other symptoms), with slight drop in O2 level. Contacted again and was prescribed four different meds; another five day course of Ivermectin, an anti-biotic, a pill steroid and inhaled steroid. After taking meds for two days the remaining symptoms were gone and have not returned after completing dosages.

I had my vitamin D levels tested about 1.5 months before getting covid, it was 58ng/ml. I had been taking 5K UI of vit. D almost daily since June 2020.

All-in-all, thankfully, we had mild symptoms and are back to normal like life. Many Thank you’s to good doctors, Ivermectin and other over the counter health aids.

Mr. Loren Bordeaux
IT Director
Vancouver, WA, US

I’m a healthy, energetic 58 y/o woman in rural Oregon. My primary medical provider has been a naturopath for about 8 years. Initially I went to her when I was nearing menopause because I wanted a more holistic approach to healthcare and a doctor who would “think out of the box”. Over the years, she has helped me detect and therefore avoid food allergies, reducing my inflammation to levels to almost zero, and manage the symptoms of menopause with prescription bio-identical hormones that I take as a vaginal troche She takes blood tests to monitor my levels and works to get everything into a normal level, or high-normal level if beneficial. She is a meat-eater, so doesn’t 100% agree with my whole food plant-based way of eating, but keeps agreeing that my labs look great. My only health challenge is that I am a “super producer” of LDL in my liver, so even with a fantastic diet and an active lifestyle, I’ve never been able to get my total cholesterol under 200 to meet national guidelines…which she feels aren’t necessarily health-promoting as some cholesterol IS needed in the body…and we have tested me and know that my LDLs are the “fluffy” less damaging kind.

I am completely unwilling to take the experimental gene therapy shot, as since December 2020 I have felt a “check in the spirit” that it is “contamination”. According to the Bible, as a Christian my body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, and disciples of Christ are not to contaminate or defile the temple. I am already suffering the social consequences in terms of not being allowed to visit certain family members and having an employer who plans to require it by this fall. I will be applying for a declination exemption for religious reasons, and if approved, my employee file will clearly state that I am out of compliance with company requirements. Based on my health situation, my ND is not requiring the vaccine at this time, although she does sometimes recommend it for elderly clients. This spring I emailed her to inquire about getting HCQ and ivermectin for early-onset care if I did catch C19, She is familiar with the work of FLCCC and we are working to get me set up to be ready for the Early Outpatient Protocol, if ever needed.

Due to the challenges to physicians, naturopaths and other medical professionals in Oregon, and needing to protect her practice as other professionals are getting in trouble with the state for prescribing and promoting alternative treatments for COVID, she requested that I write an email to her that clearly states that I requested the IVM myself, that she did not counsel or direct me as to the effectiveness of this produce for COVID prevention or treatment, that she did not encourage me or discourage me from receiving this medicals as a treatment for any authorized vaccine, and that she will counsel me on potential side effects. I was happy to write this for my patient files, and I picked up my prescription yesterday.

Interestingly, my Rx is for 40 3 mg tablets, written to take 8 tablets by mouth once a day after a meal for 5 days, with one refill (I had hinted about wanting to have some for my husband). A friend got an online consultation through Medici and her Rx was for 25 3 mg tablets, written to take 5 tablets daily with a fatty meal, with no refill. Her daughter-in-law who is a veterinarian, felt my friend’s Rx was actually a little weak. I looked through the FLCCC Early Outpatient Protocol, and actually feel my Rx is a bit strong, as based on my weight, it looks like it should max out at 23 mg per day rather than 24.

It was interesting when I picked up the prescription at Fred Meyer. The pharmacist who came over to do my consultation looked at the box then me, then said “This is a pretty strong dose.” I didn’t say anything. Then he said “Why are you taking it?” I smiled and said “Parasites….and other pesky critters.” He looked like he wanted to ask me more, so I was ready with my cross necklace and was going to mention something about being a missionary. Smile.

Moro, OR, US

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