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As a 60 year old male with pre-existing heart and lung issues I was diagnosed with COVID 19 in late February 2021 after receiving 3 positive test results. I contacted a tele-health doctor that was able to prescribe and provide Ivermectin for me. I took the prescribed dose approximately 48 hours after my first COVID symptoms developed and was 98% better within 12 hours of the first dose. The only remaining symptom that I experienced after taking Ivermectin was a moderate case of lethargy that persisted for about 2 weeks. I am now 100% recovered from COVID with no lasting damage or symptoms.

John Tryba
Director of Construction Management Services
Golden, Colorado, US

I am 73 years old. To my knowledge I have never had a case of COVID-19. I maintain a healthy weight. I exercise regularly. I am not on meds other than thyroid and supplements. My vitamin-D level is 70 at last testing 6 months ago. I take zinc and quercetin if I plan to in a group setting for a while.

I started taking ivermectin 12 mg (per my weight) about 7 months ago. I have no idea if I have been exposed and the ivermectin and my awareness of my ‘terrain’ have kept me safe or if I have never been exposed.

I am coming under more and more pressure to get the vaccines. It is getting difficult to explain.

Ms Pamela Van Horn
Englewood, FL, US

I Support World Ivermectin Day.
Having followed the work of Dr. Tess Lawrie over the course of the
pandemic, I am confident that she and others have essentially, found
the way to end the medical emergency we find ourselves in and get back
to normal – Without the need for any untested experimental injections.

Niall McEvoy
Former Irish International Ice hockey player

If there is a chance that Ivermectin can help, and a huge study previous on side effects, why wouldn’t we try it.

I got the first symptoms of C19, ten days ago. Started the ivermectin that day. Went to doctor to get positive test and docs gave me nothing except go home with cough syrup.

It has been a long drawn out process with lots of aches but I have to say, I feel that the Ivermectin offset the worst of things and I am on road to recovery.

Mr. K D H
Paris, Ky, US

I’m not anti vaccine. I’m interested in prevention. My wife and I chose Ivermectin and the vitamin regimen recommended on the website. The pandemic needs to be fought with every tool we have. Ivermectin has proven to be not only a preventative against Covid 19 and it’s variants, but is also reduced downstream biological damage if you DO get Covid 19. There is MASSIVE suppression of Ivermectin’s success, coordinated by Big Tech and Big Media and our political representatives and the people they appoint to watch over the health of our planet. To not implement Ivermectin in third world countries immediately is the crime of the century. They can’t afford the vaccines and Ivermectin is inexpensive, safe and effective. To be silent about Ivermectin’s efficacy and watch thousands die is a crime. Silence is death. Silence about Ivermectin is death for thousands who are getting the vaccines. This is criminal. There is no excuse to not let them have Ivermectin when they can’t get the vaccines because they can’t afford them or because the “powers that be” have decided to block Ivermectin’s use. And for those who can get vaccinated, Ivermectin can protect against variants that are now mutating. If we don’t start NOW, Ivermectin and its variants will become a part of our lives. The inaction of health officials is insuring the mutations of CoVid, and threatening their own health as well as our own. Push back and get Ivermectin in distribution. Thousands of lives can be saved. Push. Demand. Push. Demand. Push. Push. Push.

Mr. Paul Fletcher Murray
Film Producer
Bandon, OR, US

I know 15 close friends who have used IVM successfully for Covid. One with long term, 4 for prevention, 2 whose physicians prescribed it and others who found it on their own. At least 4 of these had very serious symptoms that were getting worse by the hour over 2 to 4 days. They all said they felt significantly better in a few hours after the first dose, and most were well after the second or third dose in 5 to 7 days. I have also known of several people who feel this drug cured their cancer when doctors had nothing to offer. What a crying shame this drug is being suppressed, attacked without any scientific evidence, and ignore by most medical doctors Two covid ladies were dying on ventilators in New York and their families took the hospitals to court to force them to try IVM. Both ladies survived even though families had been told their chances of getting off ventilators were less than 25%. Always follow the money for answers. Our regulators get inflated pay from Big Pharma when they leave government service, and the USA allowed doctors to gain patents on Covid related items even though working for the government. Many of those who are supposed to protect us are getting richer as the Pandemic worsens….look it up on duckduckgo dot com, which is not censored like a certain site that most use……

Mrs. Kath Court M.S.
Retired educator
Menlo, GA, US

Government propaganda coming back at them.

Mr Paul Dickinson
World Citizen
Hull, Yorkshire, GB

Two paintings, by children about the world ivermectin day.

Mr. Mahdi Saheb
A dad who is professionally a business analyst
Vancouver, BC, CA

I am a remedial therapist who has been working for Physio’s on serious injury recovery for over 12 years. Long Haul Covid is particularly interesting me, as are the contraindications that come with the disease. I have been following the science, and the censorship, since day 1. I am frustrated beyond belief at the intensity of censorship & smear campaigns that surround Ivernmectin. For a long time I could not understand why such intensity! And then one day I heard Doctor Kory’s dream…

“Imagine if Ivernmectin was a household product that people can use to prevent disease!”

It was then, that I realized then, why. It would empower people to make their own choices and take responsibility for their own health. It seems that Governments and Corporations do not want independent people.

In Australia, we have had very small waves of covid and have managed to keep the virus numbers low. However, numbers are starting to climb, it is heartbreaking to see that people are ending up in hospital and dying. What infuriates me, is that the protocol, if you test positive, is to self isolate and only call the doctor IF symptoms get bad! You would think recommending calling a Doctor to reduce risk of increasing symptoms would be the first point of call! Sadly, it is not. This is insanity.

I believe in the FLCCC. Thank you Trial Site News, Thank You Bird. Thank you all for giving me hope.

Remedial Therapist : Serious Injury Recovery
Bentleigh East, VIC, AU

After spring break my son, a Junior in high-school, tested positive for COVID-19 (along with all his close friends) thanks to one or more of his friends. Initially he didn’t have any symptoms, then two days after testing positive woke up with a “weird sore throat and slight congestion.”

Having heard Dr. P. Kory present to US Senate sub-committee in December 2020 and doing research on Ivermectin, I (56) contacted and was prescribed a prophylactic dose of Ivermectin and my son a five day prescription. My wife (50) was able to get a dose a day after she started having same weird, slight sore throat and headache.

We all had very similar symptomology:

Started with weird, slight sore throat and slight sinus/nasal congestion. Progressed to include tight feeling trachea and lump feeling at top of trachea/deep back of throat, entire neck ached about days 2-4, slight temperature day 2 or 3 of beginning of symptoms (me 99 – 99.8F, son one day of 100.4F, my wife similar low grade but don’t recall her numbers). We all watched our O2 levels about every two woken hours for several days, my O2 went from 99/98 to 93/94, my wife’s and son’s went down but only to about 95.

I had started on a prophylactic dosing but transitioned to taking the remaining doses daily once I had symptoms. After 24 hrs of my son taking Ivermectin his temperature went back to almost normal and by the end of second day temp was normal, similar experience for my wife and I. We all walked 2-3+ miles each day, drank lots of water, took Aspirin, vitamin A, C, D and Zinc daily, tried to get good rest. Thankfully, for each of us the experience was nearly identical at first.

We all had about two nights of rather sleepless nights about days 3-4. I’d wake up every 2.5 hours and take a good 30 minutes to get back to sleep – very a-typical. My son slept much of one day, my wife and I felt low in energy for a couple days.

Unfortunately, about a 7-10 days after fully feeling back to normal the tight trachea feeling came back (but no lump feeling in back of throat or other symptoms), with slight drop in O2 level. Contacted again and was prescribed four different meds; another five day course of Ivermectin, an anti-biotic, a pill steroid and inhaled steroid. After taking meds for two days the remaining symptoms were gone and have not returned after completing dosages.

I had my vitamin D levels tested about 1.5 months before getting covid, it was 58ng/ml. I had been taking 5K UI of vit. D almost daily since June 2020.

All-in-all, thankfully, we had mild symptoms and are back to normal like life. Many Thank you’s to good doctors, Ivermectin and other over the counter health aids.

Mr. Loren Bordeaux
IT Director
Vancouver, WA, US

I’m a healthy, energetic 58 y/o woman in rural Oregon. My primary medical provider has been a naturopath for about 8 years. Initially I went to her when I was nearing menopause because I wanted a more holistic approach to healthcare and a doctor who would “think out of the box”. Over the years, she has helped me detect and therefore avoid food allergies, reducing my inflammation to levels to almost zero, and manage the symptoms of menopause with prescription bio-identical hormones that I take as a vaginal troche She takes blood tests to monitor my levels and works to get everything into a normal level, or high-normal level if beneficial. She is a meat-eater, so doesn’t 100% agree with my whole food plant-based way of eating, but keeps agreeing that my labs look great. My only health challenge is that I am a “super producer” of LDL in my liver, so even with a fantastic diet and an active lifestyle, I’ve never been able to get my total cholesterol under 200 to meet national guidelines…which she feels aren’t necessarily health-promoting as some cholesterol IS needed in the body…and we have tested me and know that my LDLs are the “fluffy” less damaging kind.

I am completely unwilling to take the experimental gene therapy shot, as since December 2020 I have felt a “check in the spirit” that it is “contamination”. According to the Bible, as a Christian my body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, and disciples of Christ are not to contaminate or defile the temple. I am already suffering the social consequences in terms of not being allowed to visit certain family members and having an employer who plans to require it by this fall. I will be applying for a declination exemption for religious reasons, and if approved, my employee file will clearly state that I am out of compliance with company requirements. Based on my health situation, my ND is not requiring the vaccine at this time, although she does sometimes recommend it for elderly clients. This spring I emailed her to inquire about getting HCQ and ivermectin for early-onset care if I did catch C19, She is familiar with the work of FLCCC and we are working to get me set up to be ready for the Early Outpatient Protocol, if ever needed.

Due to the challenges to physicians, naturopaths and other medical professionals in Oregon, and needing to protect her practice as other professionals are getting in trouble with the state for prescribing and promoting alternative treatments for COVID, she requested that I write an email to her that clearly states that I requested the IVM myself, that she did not counsel or direct me as to the effectiveness of this produce for COVID prevention or treatment, that she did not encourage me or discourage me from receiving this medicals as a treatment for any authorized vaccine, and that she will counsel me on potential side effects. I was happy to write this for my patient files, and I picked up my prescription yesterday.

Interestingly, my Rx is for 40 3 mg tablets, written to take 8 tablets by mouth once a day after a meal for 5 days, with one refill (I had hinted about wanting to have some for my husband). A friend got an online consultation through Medici and her Rx was for 25 3 mg tablets, written to take 5 tablets daily with a fatty meal, with no refill. Her daughter-in-law who is a veterinarian, felt my friend’s Rx was actually a little weak. I looked through the FLCCC Early Outpatient Protocol, and actually feel my Rx is a bit strong, as based on my weight, it looks like it should max out at 23 mg per day rather than 24.

It was interesting when I picked up the prescription at Fred Meyer. The pharmacist who came over to do my consultation looked at the box then me, then said “This is a pretty strong dose.” I didn’t say anything. Then he said “Why are you taking it?” I smiled and said “Parasites….and other pesky critters.” He looked like he wanted to ask me more, so I was ready with my cross necklace and was going to mention something about being a missionary. Smile.

Moro, OR, US

We believe we saved lives today, passing out information about Ivermectin at the Sailors and Soldiers Monument in Cleveland. Many people stopped by our table to look at our pamphlets and to learn about alternatives to (or complementary medication for) vaccines.

Dr Miriam F Weiss M.D., M.A.
Retired Nephrologist, adjunct professor of bioethics
Beachwood, Ohio , US

I survived Covid on my own, but I understand that many need a little help, and ivermectin is that help. To educate the world about ivermectin I wrote a song.

A Tribute to Ivermectin

Ivermectin is a wonderful medicine,

Isolated from the soil of Japan
The avermectin bacterium
Dispatched those worms, every one
For our pets since 1981


River blindness in the sub-Sahara
Elders blind, the children led them around
Ivermectin cured them, and aha!
Approved for humans since ‘87


The world’s first endectocide
Zapping parasites left and right
Safe in mammals of every stripe
Our wonder drug, and let’s recite:

Ivermectin (1/2 chorus)

Its inventors, Campbell and Omura
Blessed by millions for their wonder drug by the Nobel Prize for medicine in 2015
1/2 chorus
“Greatest beneficial impact on the health and well being of humanity” are penicillin, aspirin, and


When Covid raged through India
People dying, needing canned oxygen
Ivermectin given to them all
The Covid wave crushed with medicine


1/2 Chorus
Last 1/2 Bridge
Chorus + tag

Facts from

Alisa Phoenix
Computer Guru & Musician
, Arizona, US

Currently on a the IMASK+ protocal for prevention and have the treatment meds just in case.

, CA, US

I first knew of Ivermectin’s use in COVID treatment with Dr. Rajter’s ICON study that Ivermectin treatment is associated with lower mortality in hospitalized COVID patients. In June 2020 only Ivermectin horse paste are easy to obtain in farm stores, so that was the version I acquired.

In late September of 2020 I had some ominous symptoms resembling COVID: dizziness, headache, fatigue, chills, dry cough, and muscle pain. I took two doses of Ivermectin horse paste with some additional supplements similar to what subsequently published. I got well on day 3, which was surprisingly fast because my earlier experience with serious illness all required at least one week of bed time to recover.

Around October 2020 I heard that Ivermectin could be taken regularly to prevent COVID, so that I and my wife started to take Ivermectin for COVID prevention. My wife had a case of hay fever that she regularly sneezed, but after starting taking Ivermectin regularly her sneezing stopped. I determined that Ivermectin could be used to control hay fevers.

In April 2021 our family took Moderna version of COVID vaccines. Our second jabs occurred in early May. About 4 weeks later I developed chest tightness and severe knee pains. This was a form of Post Vaccine Inflammation Syndrome. I had to use Famotidine and Naproxen to control my pain for up to a month of time.

In May of 2021 my son had some social activity related to his school graduation. I gave him one dose of Ivermectin for COVID prevention. My son also had hay fever, but for 2 weeks after taking that single dose of Ivermectin he did not sneeze.

During this time I noticed whenever I took a dose of Ivermectin my knee pain would be better a few hours later. After reading FLCCC’s I-RECOVER treatment protocol I started a continuous 5 day dosing of Ivermectin. On the fifth day of Ivermectin treatment my knee pain and other inflammation related symptoms went away. Unfortunately symptoms came back upon stopping continuous Ivermectin treatment.

We had experienced no side-effects associated with long term Ivermectin use. I can confirm Ivermectin’s wide treatment dosing range that I have taken Ivermectin up to 5 days straight without problems. I heard from Dr. Haider that Ivermectin could be taken safely daily for even a longer period, although I have not yet done that personally.

In early July I took a 200 mg dose of Hydroxychloroquine to treat my inflammation symptoms. My knee pains stopped after just one hour after taking HCQ. However, I had experienced some HCQ side-effects including tiredness, and temporary immune suppression. I never have to worry about Ivermectin side-effects, but HCQ side-effects need to be carefully considered.

In conclusion I can see very promising Ivermectin applications in the treatment of COVID, hay fever prevention, and treatment of arthritic inflammatory conditions.

Square James
, California, US

I am submitting a chalk drawing my daughter made.

Stacey Skold
Malcolm, NE, US

Que felicidade poder celebrar uma data onde apresentamos e testemunhamos a eficácia e segurança de um medicamento que SALVA vidas.
Tive meu primeiro contato com o medicamento, através da Dra Lucy Kerr. Assisti uma entrevista dela numa canal de noticias médicas no you tube e tudo se tranquilizou na minha vida. Todo o meu medo do Covid, acabou naquele momento.
Eu e minha família passamos a tomar preventivamente a Ivermectina desde abril de 2020. Mãe idosa de 89 anos, esposo e eu pacientes bariátricos e meus filhos de 16 anos e de 10 anos.
Aqui estamos : 1 ano e 3 meses sem pânico, sem medo, sem picadas experimentais e sem o vírus maligno.
agradecemos a esses profissionais incríveis que apesar de toda a perseguição continuam defendendo a VIDA.
Ivermectina Salva VIDAS.
Ivermectina é a chave para o fim da COVID.
Só basta os governantes realmente se importarem com a vida humana e não com suas contas bancarias.
um beijo caloroso e grato, do Brasil!
Debora Rezende

How happy to be able to celebrate a date where we present and witness the effectiveness and safety of a medicine that SAVES lives.
I had my first contact with the drug, through Dr Lucy Kerr. I watched an interview with her on a medical news channel on you tube and everything was calm in my life. All my fear of Covid ended in that moment.
My family and I started taking Ivermectin preventively since April 2020. 89-year-old elderly mother, husband and I with bariatric patients and my 16-year-old and 10-year-old children.
Here we are: 1 year and 3 months no panic, no fear, no experimental bites and no malignant virus.
we thank these amazing professionals who despite all the persecution continue to defend LIFE.
Ivermectin Saves LIVES.
Ivermectin is the key to the end of COVID.
It is only enough for rulers to really care about human life and not about their bank accounts.
a warm and grateful kiss from Brazil!
Debora Rezende
Sra Debora Gonçalves Rezende
Paciente Profilática e Defensora da Ivermectina nas Redes Sociais
Maricá, Rio de Janeiro, BR

Ivermectin saved my husbands life and Dr Sabine Hazen who put us in a study and it boosted Oxygen levels and I feel abated the virus from taking his life . We were desperate and needed help. After begging Dr #1 I was referred to Dr Hazen who knows this helps! No side effects and we lived!

Mrs Mosey C Lenicka
Retired 65
Ventura, CA, US

Anthem for World Ivermectin Day.

Anthem for Ivermectin (First Draft!) © 2021 Adrian Astro Perger

(Astro & The Ages) – Vocals, Trumpet, Trombone, Piano.

Lyrics: This for those that stood up brave, This for those we know that shouldn’t have… gone. We all know, with a thousand trials, we can’t un-see the positivity. We all took the weight for too long, That is nothing to those that shouldn’t have. There’s evidence in everything around you, Real science over governance, Common sense over dissonance. Stand for those we could not save, The future’s bright so stand up brave.

Adrian Perger
Adrian Perger
Melbourne, VIC, AU

This is a letter to government agencies in my state.

July 24, 2021

Today is World Ivermectin Day. Ivermectin is an FDA-approved, off-patent, inexpensive medication that has been used to treat parasitic diseases for over four decades. It is on the WHO’s list of essential medicines, has been given 3.7 billion times around the world, and won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2015. Ivermectin has been widely-studied and proven to inhibit the replication of SARS-CoV-2 and to suppress inflammation. Although it is shown to be an effective intervention at all stages of COVID-19, it is especially powerful as an early treatment and a prophylaxis strategy. This is supported by 60 (30 randomized control) trials consisting of 574 scientists and 21,814 patients ( Ivermectin is also used for long-haul COVID and for what is being referred to as post-vaccination syndrome. In addition, Ivermectin has been shown to work against all COVID-19 variants thus far.

This information may come as a surprise. In fact many people believe that COVID-19 is untreatable. Unfortunately, early treatment strategies, which should be one of the four pillars of a pandemic response plan, have received comparatively minimal attention and support during the COVID-19 pandemic. Furthermore, information surrounding Ivermectin has been suppressed and misrepresented in the media. This censorship of medicine and science has inflated the COVID-19 mortality rate, physical and mental suffering, and the economic and divisive impact COVID-19 has had on our community and the world.

Censorship has been pervasive with the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC). The FLCCC was formed by Dr. Paul Marik, MD, FCCM, FCCP, Endowed Professor of Medicine, Chief, Division of Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine at the Eastern Virginia Medical School. Dr. Marik has authored four critical care books and written over 400 peer-reviewed journal articles and 50 book chapters. The FLCCC and its affiliates include other critical care specialists who are on the front lines treating COVID-19 patients around the world. These doctors have been instrumental in developing studies and protocols to treat COVID-19. (These include the I-MATH+, a hospital treatment protocol, and the I-MASK+, a prevention and early outpatient protocol.) These protocols are used in select areas globally, but Ivermectin is not formally supported by US government agencies as a possible COVID-19 treatment.

Recent epidemiological analyses on Ivermectin and COVID-19 are striking when comparing Ivermectin’s use (and lack of use) in different territories: Chiapas, Mexico which has had an Ivermectin distribution campaign (vs. the rest of Mexico); the eight states using Ivermectin in Peru vs. Lima, Peru; Uttar Pradesh, India; and the provinces in Argentina using Ivermectin vs. those not using Ivermectin at all. The positive impact Ivermectin has had on mortality rates in the areas with an Ivermectin intervention plan should be celebrated and part of a larger conversation about addressing this virus (

The FLCCC has no financial interest in promoting medication. It is motivated by “doctoring”—by the Hippocratic Oath. Even so, the FLCCC has been temporarily or permanently removed from multiple platforms including YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, and Linked in for “offensive content.” This content has included the process by which the FLCCC was formed as well as efficacy comparisons. Even Senate testimony was censored when Dr. Pierre Kory (FLCCC President) presented information about Ivermectin to the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs on December 8, 2020. This has not deterred the FLCCC, as they have moved to different platforms. However, this should be a warning to all of us. We are not just dealing with a COVID-19 crisis, we are dealing with a censorship crisis.

Another example of the recent coordinated censorship of medicine and science involves Dr. Tess Lawrie, MBBCh, PhD, the Director of Evidence-Based Medicine Consultancy Ltd. in Bath, UK. Dr. Lawrie is a top medical analyst in the UK, a consultant to the World Health Organization, and a frequent member of technical teams responsible for developing international guidelines for medicines. Her peer-reviewed publications have received in excess of 3000 citations and her ResearchGate score is among the top 5% of ResearchGate members ( March, 15, 2021). Dr. Lawrie has completed meta-analyses on Ivermectin studies, addressed the censorship taking place in professional journals, and formed the British Ivermectin Recommendation Development Group (BIRD). In doing so, Dr. Lawrie was informed that a published review on Ivermectin went against LinkedIn policies.

Science is being silenced, and many medical professionals have not considered the scope of resources available to treat this virus. As a person trained in research methods and statistics, I believe this situation has signaled a deterioration in the integrity of science and a rise of what has been referred to as “fundamentalist medicine.” Please ask why. Why should doctors be censored for sharing observational data, for following their Hippocratic Oath, and for participating in rational discourse—the heart of science. Also ask what are the credentials of those censoring science. Science is not static. It is open for debate and discussion and depends upon dissenting views and transparency to progress.

I am happy to say that I know multiple people who have had COVID-19, were treated with Ivermectin, and recovered (applying early treatment and long-haul COVID-19 protocols specifically). Early treatments that include Ivermectin and other therapeutics (which are part of the FLCCC protocols and many at home care kits) should be the norm and not the exception. Not only would early treatment empower individuals, help keep them out of the hospitals, and save lives, knowledge that COVID-19 is largely treatable would help minimize the extreme fear and polarization of our community and the world.

Given the questions surrounding the long-term safety of the mRNA technology, the efficacy of vaccines against current and future variants, and the duration of efficacy, it is reasonable to say we need to learn to live with COVID-19 to some degree. No matter one’s position on the COVID-19 vaccines, shouldn’t we have as many tools as possible in our COVID-19 tool kit? Other countries do.

Dr. Justus Hope, MD, pointed out that History is highlighted by turning points, moments of brilliance in the journey of humanity, episodes that changed civilization. These junctures often took place at times of great tragedy, during wars, famines, plagues, and revolution. Because at precisely those times, when the worst of human depravity became evident, we also witnessed the emergence of some of our greatest humanitarians, those who withstood opposition with grace and wisdom.

Dr. Tess Lawrie and the FLCCC doctors are such humanitarians. They have inspired me to write on this important day—World Ivermectin Day. The story of Ivermectin transcends a story about a medicine saving lives. It is a story about bravery in the face of censorship and loss—loss of integrity and trust. While history will show that this year will be viewed as the year we lost much integrity in science, it will also show whether one voice or many voices make good science. I hope history will also show that it is the year we fought censorship to save science and that you will play a positive role in this process. The short and long-term health of the Lincoln community and our larger community depends on it. It depends on people like you dedicating yourself to due diligence, critical analysis, and rational discourse and to consider lifesaving information that might otherwise be unpopular or unprofitable to the pharmaceutical industry. The guidance of the public health agencies such as the CDC, the WHO, and the NIH are not without conflict of interest and are recommendations—not laws. There is nothing to lose by treating sick members of our Lincoln and greater Nebraska community with this safe, effective, inexpensive, and accessible medication.


Stacey Skold, PhD

Stacey Skold PhD
Malcolm, NE, US

I’m so thankful my Florida Dr told me about Ivermectin. He was very concerned about the reaction I personally might have to vaccine. He advised me to not get it because it could be disastrous vs I might never get Covid, but if I did there was treatment. I did get Covid March 2021 and prescription was called in. I was going downhill fast but was virtually 100% within 24 hours of the first dose. I know of 25 year-old male, good health, Pfizer double vaxxed, along with two in his circle. He had horrible reaction to vaccine, lasting for days like the flu. All 3 got Covid in July 2021. He was not doing well, Covid in his chest, and would not take Ivermectin because CDC says don’t. I sent the research and finally he took it. He was back to work virtually in 2 days, all better. All 3 are now OK. Great treatment for Covid.

Ms Christine Speedy
Fort Lauderdale, FL, US

My eldest brother (49), who has high blood pressure, took Ivermectin preventatively and on the day his partner developed covid symptoms. She tested positive for covid-19 and he didn’t have any symptoms. They live together. #Brazil

My niece (27) took Ivermectin a couple of months before she tested positive for covid-19. She had cold like symptoms. #Brazil

My uncle (66) took Ivermectin preventatively a couple of months before he tested positive for covid-19. He didn’t require hospitalization for covid-19, but he needed to undergo a surgery for his back in a city with high incidence of covid-19. He was discharged one day after his surgery and has been fine since. #Brazil

A cousin (50s) who lives in a city with many cases of covid-19 could not work remotely due to the nature of his job. He took Ivermectin preventatively. If he got covid-19 he never had any symptoms. He’s now taken his covid-19 vaccines. #Brazil

Mrs. Ana Day
Lawyer (BRA) Interpreter (IRL)
Galway, Galway, IE

Hello, everyone. I am a university professor in Brazil and my husband is a federal prosecutor. Since March 2020, he, my husband, has been working with the prevention of crises in the penal system, thus constantly visiting prisons and other penal system facilities. He has been in direct contact with covid-19 patients for that long. There was research being done at that time -March/April of 2020, because the total death toll within the penal system in our town was considerably lower than the death rate outside of the system. All prisoners regularly take Ivermectin for prevention of lice, flee and other plagues, so there was ground to research the possibility related to Ivermectin use in the low death toll. Additionally, in April 2020, I became aware of one empirical study of the use of Ivermectin for covid-19, conducted by dr Lucy Kerr in Brazil, and her team of about 500 health professionals (at that time). They all had been treating covid patients and had not been infected. Dr Kerr then described the potential of the Ivermectin molecule to prevent Covid. She even disclosed the dose she was prescribing to her team. With those pieces of information, my husband and I decided we would start taking Ivermectin to prevent covid. Together with it, we use vitamin D, zinc, quercetin, equinacea and other supplements to boost immunity. We have never been infected, even though we have had close contacts with infected people.
We firmly believe in the efficacy of Ivermectin to avoid the multiplication and spread of many viruses. Its off-label antiviral effect has been described and affirmed in many scientific articles (I myself have read at least 10 of them, and I am aware of the existence of many others, at least 60), and I hope it does not take too long for this to be formally labelled. We truly believe Ivermectin to be one of the best medicins for prevention and treatment of Covid. We are also aware of the effective use of Nitazoxanide and Proxalutamide, among other drugs, but the focus here is on the wonders of Ivermectin, which we are empirical evidence of.

IR University Professor
Brasília, DF, BR

I’m just a concerned citizen trying to do my part to address the lack of attention to outpatient care in my country. What’s been really missing from the approach to addressing this pandemic has been an attitude of care … that healthcare is about good doctoring … and not managing logistics. The discovery that led to Ivermectin started with a researcher with a heart for improving the world around him, served to save countless lives over 40+ years and now serves to be a symbol for the heart-titude that’s necessary to truly heal the world.
This is my humble gift for humanity (a shout out to Dr Mobeen Syed whose videos have been such a gift).

Mr Devendran Sinnadurai
Kuala Lumpur, WP Kuala Lumpur, MY

My husband and I both tested positive for COVID-19 this last month. We both started Ivermectin along with Vitamin D and C and zinc. Our symptoms stayed mild and we both recovered in five days. I use it once a week now as a preventative measure.

Mrs Sharon Jones
Galveston , Texas, US

After viewing and reading information from Dr. Kory and other qualified doctors I attempted to get Ivermectin from my family doctor as an alternative to the unproven covid shots. He flatly dismissed Ivermectin use as a preventive measure as pure nonsense. Afterwards, I obtained information and liability exemption forms from the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance site and faxed this information to him. This doctor still continues to treat my prophylactic request for Ivermectin as a plea from a kooky senile 71 year old man who does not know what he is talking about.
After that, I phoned another doctor in Toronto who did a pro Ivermectin clip on line.
I was informed that he was was not accepting new patients and would not prescribe Ivermectin over the phone.

What ever happened to the right of a patient to informed choice?
A good friend of mine chose the covid shots. He died of blood clots to the brain after two weeks in a coma. He was written off as having died of “underlying causes”.

Clearly, walk-in Ivermectin clinics are needed for anyone who wants it, just like they have for the unproven lab rat covid vaccine clinics. Who can do that? Can you? Can CCA?

Karl Wlasenko
Retired Toolmaker
Hamilton, Ontario, CA

I would like to highlight the importance of Ivermectin and NAC both of which act as miracle drug in different ways to cure and prevent covid and even from vaccine side effects.

Attached is a GIF to show gratitude to these miracle and wonder drugs.

Mohit Handa
Lead Analyst
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, IN

I’m sharing the Viber Sticker Pack to help spread the good words about IVERMECTIN.

Mr. Alvin T
, NA, PH

Hello I’m Miguel Angel and I totally support the use of IVM because I have personally seen the outstanding and positive results in over 30 persons I have treated at work….none had to go to the hospital and were ok in the first 5 days during the replication phase. Among these people there were diabetics. I have treated them Following FLCCC treatment protocols. This is a miracle drug. I really appreciate the work done by FLCCC with Dr Marik, Dr Kory and the rest of physicians.I have been exposed to the virus several times now,but I think I haven’t been infected due to the supplements I have been taking over 14 month now…..daily I take 4000 iu D3…..40 mgs zinc…..1000 mgs C….650 mgs Quercetin and 400 mgs magnesium……but I have the IVM ready in my drawer just in case…..first symptoms will take according to FLCCC.NET…🙏🙏👏

Mr Miguel Angel Bedoya
Hospital UCI door manufacturer
Medellín , Antioquia , CO

I am so very grateful for all those who have contributed to this day of celebration. Grateful to the scientists that discovered this incredibly valuable drug. To the many physicians globally that with limited resources did the clinical trials to prove the efficacy of Ivermectin, often at the expense of their own valuable time and money. To the physicians that have proven its efficacy in treating patients, for being clinicians and using Ivermectin as part of their treatment protocols to shorten illness, keep patients out of hospital and to save lives. For giving prophylaxis to those at risk and the contacts of someone who has Covid. Extremely grateful to the scientists and physicians who have stood up and stood out in the face of terrible censorship and personal attacks. For those who have spent time educating the public and other physicians about this incredibly wonderful medication. For the experts that have done analysis of the trials and brought forth absolute evidence of this wonderful drug (Dr Tess Lawrie, Dr Pierre Kory, and many others) For holding the conference and summit with excellent speakers. To those who have hosted these experts on their shows to inform and educate others. To the statisticians that have shown how Ivermectin has been used with success in many countries and areas globally. To Juan Chamie for his excellent statistics and I love your graphs!! Thank you to everyone who has made this celebration possible and getting the word out to the world that this pandemic can be brought under control and there is no need to fear this virus.

Dinah Franklin RN
Retired nurse
Nanaimo, BC, CA

I am a scientist from the Philippines and I am submitting the following: (1) my own testimonial and the reasons why I believe in the efficacy and safety of ivermectin as a scientist, and (2) some stories of success in healing the COVID 19 illness when ivermectin was used among several people I know. My intention is also to contribute real data on how ivermectin was used to achieve positive results from our experience in this part of the world.
The significance of this submission is that it will tell people success stories on how ivermectin was used to effect a significant decrease in symptoms or, in some cases, an almost instantaneous relief of symptoms especially difficulty of breathing. I have seen how it happened personally because most of them are my relatives.

Dr. Maria Elena F. Quimio PhD
Independent Consultant
Naga City, Camarines Sur, PH

Just a 4 second animation from a 10 year old girl in Australia.

Marinna P
Melbourne, Victoria, AU

I’ve taken ivermectin to battle side effects from Moderna’s covid-19 vaccine. It works!

Olivia Teseniar
Olivia Teseniar
Charleston , SC, US

I am a 61 year old male, in good health and regularly take extra vitamins and natural health supplemental products. I had a sudden onset of breathing difficulties and headaches without any other symptoms related to Covid. My BP fluctuated, my heart felt as if it was fluttering and O2 saturation varied between 90-98. PCR testing was negative, but I visited the GP and Cardiologist anyways, to determine the cause. Chest x-rays showed no abnormalities and cardiologist confirmed with ultrasonic analyses all to be normal. The diagnosis was ascribed to a possible viral infection. 2 types of inhalers (Cortizone) were prescribed.

I immediately started self treatment with Ivermectin according to protocol (Dr Jackie Stone – Zimbabwe and Dr George Coetzee -RSA) and prophylactical treatment for my wife, who is frail with FSHD as well as my 2 daughters.

I recovered, but took a while to completely get over the shortness of breath (4-5 weeks). I returned to normal health and regular exercising. We both are still using IVM 1x week (12mg) together with Vit C, D, NAC, Magnesium, Selenium, Omega3, Quercetin and lots of fresh fruit and veg. My daughters are also using it as prophylactic, together with the vitamins and supplements.

My brother (67), diabetic and with other co-morbidities and his wife, both contracted Covid 19. Their GP wouldn’t prescribe IVM and advised them to go a Veterinarian for treatment. I provided them with details of another GP who treats Covid patients according to FLCCC protocol. They both survived and recovered in a short period of time. They are still being monitored by the treating GP, but they returned no normal health and activities. This GP already successfully treated more than 2000 Covid 19 infected patients, even with other co-morbidities with IVM and FLCCC protocol.

I do not understand the resistance of the Medical fraternity towards the use of alternative medicine and the outright condemnation of any person or doctor who dares to mention or use Ivermectin for treatment, or ask questions about the Vaccines.

The absolute refusal by Governments, Health Institutions and the Scientific world, to recognize the studies and trials as well as the positive outcomes of the use of Ivermectin, underlines the degree of Politicizing of the masses that is taking place.

CK – South Africa

Mr. C Kok
Centurion, Gauteng, ZA

This is for all our precious elderly that have been murdered in their beds in aged care facilities around the world, that passed away due to the refusal of our governments, world wide, to allow the use of Ivermectin for treatment that may have saved their lives. If Ivermectin had been available for use they would not have to had to die alone and, I have no doubt, many of them terrified. Ivermectin could have given them a little reprieve to be able to spend some quality time with loved ones before they passed over. Instead they were left in appalling conditions, (I know that to be true in Victoria Australia) in despair and alone. It broke my heart to see this happening in my once beautiful country and state. (Sadly, no more). I could not believe that my fellow Australians were in such fear of a treatable disease that they did not stand up and defend our fellow countrymen and women who had built this country, that they all have taken so much for granted, when the use of Ivermectin could have nipped this whole false pandemic in the bud.

Ms Yvonne Jemmeson Artist
Fine Artist
Rosebud, Victoria, AU

Eu e minha família fizemos uso de ivermectina como profilaxia e no tratamento do covid. Ivermectina salvou as nossas vidas físicas e mentais . Gratidão aos médicos que se dedicaram a divulgar essa droga maravilhosa que salvou tantas vidas. Que sejam recompensados de alguma forma.

My family and I used ivermectin as prophylaxis and in the treatment of covid. Ivermectin saved our physical and mental lives. Thanks to the doctors who dedicated themselves to publicizing this wonderful drug that saved so many lives. Let them be rewarded in some way.
Sra. Viviane Mourão Cavalcante Superior completo
Boa vista, RR, BR

I am medically trained but non practicing doctor who caught covid in Feb of this year and live in Jakarta Indonesia. I had done research when I caught covid and decided to take Ivermectin based on results of trials in Bangladesh and India. At that time I also had seen Dr Kory testifying at the Senate hearing on you tube. Based on this I took Ivermectin for 5 days and my symptoms were very light and I recovered with no complications. Since then I have followed closely developments on Ivermectin and the FLCCC as well as the Bird group. I also watch Dr Been’s videos and listen to his interviews with various doctors and their experiences with treating covid patients.
Now Indonesia is having a huge spike with many new cases and many deaths, just like India. Harsen Laboratories a local pharmaceutical producer acted quickly and ramped up production and distributed Ivermectin. I played my part in disseminating information and IVM to people who needed it, and hoped that our government would act swiflty to mass distribute IVM. Unfortunately Harsen Laboratories and the government have been caught up in politics and opposing voices against IVM is strong. Harsen Laboratories has since been sanctioned by the BPOM (Indonesian FDA) and was forced to stop production. IVM is no longer available now in Indonesia. BPOM and the Indonesian doctors association continue to ignore completely the 2 meta trials that have recently been published to prove IVM works, citing the WHO and FDA stand. I am dismayed and saddened that lives continue to be lost because of politics. Half an hour ago I was sent a you tube link of Dr Kory’s presentation to Kuala Lumpur today but unfortunately that link has been censored and taken down by YouTube. Countries like Indonesia that have low access to vaccines NEED Ivermectin. As Dr Joseph Varon says, IT BUYS US TIME UNTIL MORE CAN BE VACCINATED. The fight continues…
Thank you to all the brave doctors and scientists who continue to fight for this drug to save lives.

Dr Lani Yap
Jakarta, DKI Jakarta, ID

Je suis médecin généraliste français. Lors de notre dernière épidémie en février, mars 21, j ai pu traiter à un stade précoce, avec l’ivermectine, des patients ayant infection sarscov2, symptomatiques. Certains avaient des facteurs de risque de forme grave, et ont eu d’autres aides thérapeutiques associées à l ivermectine.
Aucun n a évolué vers une forme grave, et tous se sont améliorés rapidement et ont guéri.
Je continuerai à utiliser ce traitement, tant que je pourrai soigner des patients.
Merci pour votre combat, pour faire reconnaître et intégrer l ivermectine dans les protocoles officiels de traitement précoce et dans la prévention contre la maladie covid.
best regards,
Dr Nathalie Garcia

I am a French general practitioner. During our last epidemic in February, March 21, I was able to treat at an early stage, with ivermectin, symptomatic patients with sars-cov2 infection. Some had serious risk factors, and had other treatment aids associated with ivermectin.
None progressed to a serious form, and all improved quickly and recovered.
I will continue to use this treatment as long as I can treat patients.
Thank you for your fight, to have ivermectin recognized and integrated into official protocols for early treatment and prevention against covid disease.
Dr Nathalie GARCIA
General practitioner
Mamoudzou, Mayotte, FR

I am a doctor, I have been prescribing ivermectin to my patients since 2020 for the prevention and treatment of SARS COV 2, using the FLCCC protocol, obtaining an excellent result. All are being treated at home, with no need for hospitalization. Ivermectin is really a “Splendid Gift from the Earth”(Satoshi Omura).

Dr. Claudia Correa
Dr. Claudia Correa
Brasília , Federal Diatrict, BR

As Ivermectin obviously reduces virus load I imagine that:
1. the immune response of the body would not be overwhelmed and
2. the virus can less attack and damage cells in the lungs.
3. long covid symthoms, e.g. a disturbed lung/ heart collaboration, would be fairly reduced.

Out of these reasons and because of the results from many good studies undertaken with good will (in contrast to business interests) I support this medication. That is being done also in opposing and rejection to non transparent ways and argumentations from side of WHO or Institutes Charité in Berlin/ Germany.

Mr. Martin Jaeger
, Bavaria, DE

I Support World Ivermectin Day (WID).
Having followed the work of Dr. Tess Lawrie over the course of the pandemic, I am confidant that she and others have essentially, found the way to end the medical emergency we find ourselves in and get back to normal – Without the need for any untested experimental injections. 

Niall McEvoy
Former Irish International Ice hockey player

I’ve been making use of Ivermectin since I first watched a video from Doc. Lucy Kerr, in may/2020. At that time, people here in Brazil were very confused, without knowing what to do facing Covid-19 pandemy. I’ve learned the Ivermectin preventive protocol by watching this Youtube interview of Doc. Lucy Kerr. I’ve never known her before, but she was the only reliable person at that moment who brought good news, and I realy believed in her research.
Since then, I and my family have made use of Ivermectin preventive protocol. And, just to know, I’ve been healthier since I began with it. I’ve given up with my allergy, my immunity has been in a high level… in other words, I’ve found out that Ivermectin really works, much bether than the other “products”; and I and my familly really don’t want to taste them.
I’ve seen that Ivermectin isn’t financialy interesting to the Big Labs, Big Techs and “others” Bigs… That’s it.
Thanks for the opportunity. Lets save the World!!!
Flavio Pinheiro

Mr. Flavio de Oliveira Pinheiro
Mr. Flavio de Oliveira Pinheiro
Assessor Técnico/ Coordenador de Licenciamento Ambiental na Eletrobras Furnas
Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, BR

Je suis retraité français et je m’informe régulièrement depuis le début de cette “pseudo pandémie”.
Je suis écoeuré par les mensonges des politiques et des médias français.
Et très inquiet pour mes enfants qui doivent se faire vacciner pour ne pas être virés de leur travail.
Quant à la vaccination des jeunes (12 à 18 ans pour l’instant), c’est vraiment criminel!!!
Alors, voilà ci-dessous ma modeste contribution.

Raisonnable contre
Terrassé par

I am a French retiree and I have been getting information regularly since the start of this "pseudo pandemic".
I am sickened by the lies of French politicians and media.
And very worried about my children who have to be vaccinated so as not to be fired from their job.
As for the vaccination of young people (12 to 18 years old for the moment), it is really criminal !!!
So, here is my modest contribution below.

Reasonable against
Overwhelmed by
Petit plaidoyer pour l'IVERMECTINE.

I have been following the fanstastic job of both the FLCCC ans BIRD groups and would like to say that myself and my family have been protected from Covid as we have regularly used Ivermectin for Profilaxis. Have also widely recommended it amongst friends with Covid and all of them have recovered without any side effects

Mt Eduardo M Dueri
Managing Director
Bogota, DC, CO

My Wife and I both got COVID 19, I was for the most part Asymptomatic, When my wife first tested positive she contacted her Primary Dr. and her primary refused to prescribe anything, It hit my wife hard and she was bedridden for over 2 weeks, I took her to the ER for IV fluids after less than a week, diagnosed as having pneumonia and sent home still no medication. I was able to get her a prescription for Ivermectin from a Dr I found on this website
she began recovering soon after she started taking Ivermectin and has now fully recovered. I feel that if she had started treatment sooner she would have not have been sick for as long.

Mr Dan Picciolo
Pompano Beach, Florida, US

I had been given a positive diagnoses of ANCA micoroscopic polyangitis severe through blood tests and 2 biopsy in 2016 and put on high doses of prednisone to put this disease into remission to no avail, I went from a very active women to a wheel chair in a matter of a few weeks and had to start Rituximab infusions which is on going every 6 months along with daily Prednisone sense 2016 and because these drugs deplete my B-cells and along comes Covid-19 and vaccines that may not even protect me. I researched Ivermectin after hearing the press conference with the FLCCCs doctors back in 2020 and Dr. Kory testifying in Dec 2020 to the Senate on C-Span. Looked up the FLCCC and presented to my Rheumatologist their protocol on the prevention of covid-19 using Ivermectin he would not prescribe because of NIHs stance. Bless the doctor I found and contacted and was prescribed Ivermectin in April 2021. I had taken a trip in April out of state stayed in a hotel for 5 days, stayed with unvaccinated friends overnight going and returning , spent time with unvaccinated children, been to doctors appointments etc. My last visit to my Rheumatologist I told him I was on Ivermectin he asked how I was feeling “Great ” was my reply ( the truth ) he said to me that is the first time I have heard that word out of you in 5 years. On my way out I handed him a piece of paper with FLCCC web site on it and he said he would research it more. I honestly believe Ivermectin not only is saving my life, but also my sanity, as well, may even be helping with the inflammation of this disease throughout my body.

Ms. Edna Buttram
retired because of disease
Donnelly, Idaho, US

My sister came down with covid in the summer of 2020 and is in her 30’s with no co-morbidities. I was in contact with her daily and was her partner that made sure she had everything she needed during her quarantine period. She was handling it very well until about her 9th day. She began to get short of breath and have chest tightness. Hospitals weren’t doing much for patients other than waiting for the need to vent them and we didn’t want to wait for that. We had heard about treatment protocols but had been leery to use them because of the negativity that had been in the media. When she began having this shortness of breath I knew action was needed or things would become much worse. She used a tele-health service for a doctor that treated with Ivermectin an other medicines as part of a protocol. The very next day she was feeling better. She continued to get better, never needed steroid treatment, never had to be hospitalized and has recovered without any long covid issues.

When my fiance’s mother and father came down with Covid in February 2021 there was no question in my mind that everything I could do to help them would be considered. His parents had co-morbidities such as hypertension, and pre diabetes and are in their 70’s so their symptoms were pretty rough on them. In reviewing my sisters experience and the work of the FLCCC, I had his parents get in touch with some of the partnered doctors.They were able to get a licensed physician to get them a treatment protocol that included Ivermectin. Neither of them developed pneumonia or needed any steroid treatment, neither of them went to the hospital, and most importantly, they’re alive today without any organ damage or long covid.

How do you thank someone for saving your loved ones lives? I am forever grateful to these doctors for helping me and my family. It breaks my heart and it is immoral that patients are dying needlessly in many cases due to lack of early treatment. Thank you to all the physicians and other healthcare workers trying to fight for lives every day even after all the hate, ridicule and threats against your livelihood. I don’t know anyone who would risk all of this if not for the greater good and proven results. I only have one word to describe you all and that’s HEROES . I hope things will change to allow all patients to have access to this potentially live saving treatment. God bless you all!

Cynthia Fernandez
Glendale, Arizona, US

Ivermectin cartoon

Mr Nanda Soobben
Durban , Kwazulu-natal, ZA

I caught covid on 22.12.2020. I spent 10 days in bed with massive back pain pains, headaches and lost of taste and smell. I learnt about Ivermectin watching Pierre Korry’s senate testimony on 08.12.2020 and tried to get Ivermectin but I didn’t know any place and unfortunately I caught covid before I got Iveremctin. So after covid I experienced massive tiredness and fatigue, even walking was making me gasping for air. I had frequent brain fogs and elevated blood pressure to 150-160 x 95-100 range and smelling odd smells which were not around and I was easily agitated. In the end of March I was referred to NHS Long Covid and had my first phone consultation on 06 June 21. (by then I managed to source Ivermectin but I was still hesitant to take it as I was waiting for Long Covid clinic advice). After talk with lovely physician, she confirmed I have indeed Long Covid however what got me is that there was nothing more she could advise but breathing techniques and inhalers and she sent me for ECG). Still I didn’t try Ivermectin but on 26.06 enough was enough as my blood pressure was almost constantly sitting in the 150s range and number of brain fog incidents increased. As an irony my blood tests results came back and they were ”absolutely perfect” as GP said. So blood tests for 20 yo person, general health close to grave. So on 26.06 I took my first dose of Ivermectin and continued for 5 days straight. I felt much better after two days of treatment. Blood pressure went down to mid 140, no gasping for air on a quicker walk. After 5 days I swapped for weekly dosing and next week (28.07) will be my last dose. In the meantime my Long covid clinician rang me on 06.07 for follow up and I said I feel brilliant and explained that I took Ivermectin and she was very interested in it. She rang me again on 20.07 and I gave her even better results. My ECG was normal, my blood pressure stabilized in the rage 129-131 x 75-83. No more brain fogs, no more gasping for air. I am now running up the stairs instead of crawling. With this news my physician signed me out from the Long Covid. Her 1st patient out of 300. (300 Long Covid patients) just for her alone. She asked her peers about Iveremctin and although some knew about it and that it is incredibly safe they said the ”current wisdom is not use outside of clinical trial”. Save and very cheap drug which Iveremectin is and is not used….. NB I used FLCCC protocol for my Long Covid, I only used Iveremctin and I’m so happy I have my life back .

Piotr Bialczak
Contracts Administrator
Waltham Abbey, Essex, GB

I am Ann from Australia and i had covid in April this year. while in India. i got very bad muscle aches fever and bad cough. I had used ivermectin many times in past years for parasite problems as i do volunteer work in Asia .Luckily in India it is easily found and very cheap to buy. I know it is safe and has no side affects. It worked very well in relieving the severity of my covid infection and 3 days later i felt much better. I cannot understand why such a cheap and readily available drug cannot be used to stop this virus fever flu . It makes me wonder what is the agenda of governments and Big Pharma. Are we trying to save lives or make money for drug companies?
I know it has been used widely in India, Mexico, Dominican Republic and other countries with great success.
SO please the rest of the world needs to start saving lives without needing vaccines . Ivermectin works!

Mrs Ann L
volunteer worker

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